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First trip on LSD

And it went surprisingly well

First off this was my first trip on any hallucinogen.  I have had many friends though who have done LSD and shrooms and salvia and such.  I had wanted to try shrooms or LSD for a while though, and finally I was able to get a hold of a tab (I had bought LSD before but it ended being fake), and decided I would take it at a friends house who has experimented with LSD and knew what I would expect.  So I get over there around 4 pm and decide to take the tab.  We were just outside smoking a few cigarettes enjoying the beautiful day, and in about 35 minutes I could start to feel its effects.

At first I just felt really happy and just couldnt stop looking at the sky, it was nice and sunny but the clouds were amazingly beautiful as well.  A few more people came and we just stayed outside for a bit, smoked a few joints too which I was comfortable with becuase I was more experienced with marijuana and it pretty much sent me into a euphoric sort of state.  Honestly I dont remember how long we were outside, but eventually we go inside and just listen to music while the other people have some drinks and I just enjoy my trip.  Might I say that music was of the heavens while on LSD.  I think I was dancing around and just having a fun time, but i really dont remember, I was just swept up in the symphonies I was hearing.  Eventually some more people show up, they start drinking more, and since I wasnt drinking because I wanted to actually enjoy my trip I kinda went off on my own and played some music videos and some trippy game on my phone, and then I just sat on the couch and zoned out, just picturing the grateful dead bears spinning around for some reason.  Eventually we go back outside and start a little bonfire.  By now I can tell the effects are starting to wear off, I think it had to have been about 10 pm by now, and the other people are starting to get a little drunk so its kind of crushing my trip.  After a little accident with a tiki torch (no one was hurt, the thing was leaking oil and then caught on fire) which pretty much freaked me the fuck out while everyone else just laughed at it, I go back inside and zone out for a little bit, then watched War of the Worlds, except I was more of picturing my own movie in my mind cause for some reason I liked that one better. Then, I just fell asleep.

Overall, I enjoyed it very much.  I learned not to be around people who are drinking while tripping, but since then I have been in love with psychadelics. 

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