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First trip

Life changing

I had been wanting to try mushrooms ever since hearing about the experiences my friends have had on them, and for some reason I just felt like it would be the next step in my spiritual quest. After wanting to try them for awhile and waiting for the right opportunity, my brother called me at school on friday asking if I would like to trip. Although I had plans on bathing in the nude with 3 girls that night, I immediately knew I would rather have that night to bond with my brother. So i called off my plans with the girls, and at around 6:00 I headed over to his apartment. After waiting about 4 or 5 hours we ended up with a quad of shrooms, and divided them evenly amongst  my brother, his two friends, and me. We all downed them  with a cup of Emergen-C around 10 pm, and after that we passed the time with weed and good company.

After 30 minutes my stomach started to feel like shit, and things around me just seemed different. I got a cup of water and just sat in my chair, smoked a little more and relaxed. All of sudden it hit me like a wave. The environment around me became concealed, I felt the presence of no exits or entrys, My muscles started to feel like they were becoming part of the chair I was sitting in, and all I wanted to do was move around. When I got up for the first time it felt like with every step I took my legs would sink into the ground a little, so I sat back down on the floor this time. Everything just felt so unreal. When I looked at something there would be overlying patterns and the carpet , when I looked at it was pixelated.  Next all I remember Is uncontrolable laughter. I laughed at everything that talked and one of my brothers sober friends was playing peggle, which was just about the most entertaining thing. Once I had finished my water I got up, got some more, and went and sat on the couch. by this time it had been an hour since we took them and my stomach felt alot better. It was about this time I started to lose touch with reality. I began soaring through my head, searching my thoughts, challenging ideas i had concieved, questioning my way of life. I started thinking about society's fucked up ways of life, the way corporations are trying to shove products down our throats and one of them being cigarettes. I really started thinking about these beautiful little white sticks that kill hundreds of thousands, and this brought me back to reality, "our world is really like this."so now back in reality I hear some one ask "time to smoke a cigarette?" " yea" is somewhere along the lines of what i replied.  So we went on the patio and light up our cigarettes. It was hard for me to stay in this reality for long, but everytime I even looked at my cigarette I was instantly back on this earth. After realizing this power I dubbed cigarettes my item, the item responsible for keeping me out of my thoughts, and in this reality.

 With this new found power me, my brother and his two friends decide to go for a walk. I put on a sweater and we head out. So Im walking through this unfamiliar neighborhood and all I could think was " where the fuck are we" at all times .As we walked my trip just became more and more intense. I could feel the patterns of the fabric my sweatshirt was made of  on my skin. I had to keep looking at my hands because everytime I looked away it felt as if they they were expanding or curving in some radical way.  Every stranger I saw felt like an alien and I could literally feel their presence. I dont know how long we walked for  before we arrived at our destination, it just seemed like a blur even at that point in time. We stopped at this cornfield and smoked a bowl, then decided to turn around and head back to the apartment. On the way back I hear something coming up behind us and my heart drops. I looked behind us and this car coming at us starts speeding up, pulls up 100 ft infront of us and flips a bitch drives back the other way and does the same thing again. I dont know why but that shit scared me, so all i wanted to do was get to apartment.

Once we were back at the apartment  I had an overwhelming feeling of security and I go inside and sit down. At this point I think I hit what people refer to as the peak. Once inside and sitting down I completely fade away from reality, I am no longer on earth and realize what can only be described as the universal truth. "We're all connected in this space in between realities, and the only way to realize this is shroom's, its the universal connector." It was the most human I have ever felt as I glided through this electric system of alternate realities that i had the option to peak in on.  I wandered these different realities for some time, untill I entered one which seemed vastly familiar. "Familiar faces, familiar house, oh and whats this?" and as i pick up my cigarette I come back to this reality, with everyone sitting playing video games while I was just sitting in the corner for probably what was close to 30 minutes. After that the trip seemed to become much less intense. I still had visual distortions but my body high was nearly gone. It was 3 in the morning at this point and the trip came to an end an hour later, I ate some ramen and then I crashed.

This experience has changed my life, and the way I perceive things, forever. This is a quote I wrote in the process. "The universal truth is it always comes back to reality." So now I'm just going to live my life making the most of my time here and hope to one day reach this enlightened state again.

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