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200 liberty caps in tea

didn't go as planned

So i had the house to my self and me and my friend decided to do 200 liberty caps as just a one time thing for the experience , usually we would just do like 80-130 but we had tried 170 before and its was crazy. we get off early on a Friday, nothing planned the whole day , i was on a totally empty stomach and so was my friend .

We start boiling water and then we dump the shrooms in the pot , now these weren't  just some small normal liberty caps we found them on this little square of grass and you couldn't really see the grass because it was just covered in these huge liberty caps , long thick stems and big caps i had never seen nothing like it . The pot was filled with magic, we Boiled it for like 25 minutes
 the water was just kinda thick and brown.

i put the tea in two cups and we go to my room to drink it and watch something cool on my computer while were at it, i tell my friend to put something cool on he says,'' hey, there's a new walking dead episode out , now it definitely wasn't a good idea to watch some brutal zombie episode while your going to start  the probably craziest  trip of your life but we did anyway because that show rocks.

I had only taken 1 chug  of my tea and the taste was just horrible i waited like 5 minuted and then i  take the next sip after that sip i almost threw up, my friend just started laughing apparently i made some weird-ass face when i almost threw up  , at this point i can already feel the body high i look in to my cup and its only half way finished and i only had a 500ml cup i felt stupid i just laughed  i look at my 
computer and i see Jim the mechanic from the walking dead throwing up i tell my friend that this isn't really helping he puts on something else i cant really remember what because here is where its get a bit foggy.

I'm sitting next to my friend and my eyes just keep rolling back , i close my eyes and i get this weird vision of a native american women doing some Ritchual i open my eyes and snap out of it 
i tell my friend i'm going to go for a little walk around the house  i walk nauseously to the bathroom as i'm walking to the bathroom i see these red lines coming through the roof and down through the floor  as soon as i step in the the bathroom i feel as if i step't in to another dimension everything was 
wobbleing, twisting and swirling, above the toiled on the wall was a big face it looked at me and smiled , i smiled back and took a 180 degree back to my room.

I sit back down next to my friend i pass out in to space and closed eye visuals i snap out of it with a weird feeling i tell my friend ,'' dude pass me apple juice! , he passes me the juice that was sitting on the table  as soon as he hands it to me i tell him,'' put it back ! he gets all confused and takes it away from me, i turn away from him and puke all over the floor next to me , i start spacing out into the puke on the floor then snap out of it and run to the bathroom, open the toiled and start puking what seemed to me at the time as multicolored goo i start laughing so hard as i'm puking this rainbow goo i hear my friend 
laughing behind me in my room as well .

i go back to my room ignoring all the face's on the wall smiling at my in my preferal vision i do a half-ass job of cleaning my room and tell my friend that we should go upstairs to trip out he has a hard time  walking on the floor that i puked on since hes tripping balls and just seeing puke flowing all over the floor he finally makes it out and we go up stairs .

we take a seat in the couch my dog(a white lab) follows me and sits by my feet, i look at him and he stares me dead in the face he starts smiling a bit and i smile back i feel really positive energy from him.
( now i don't know if he actually smiled  at me but my wall just smiled at me so i'm guessing its the 200 shrooms i just did ) all the sudden me and my dogs staring contest is disturbed by my friend saying 
, '' holy shit i feel like i'm pulling on my skin as he pulled on his t-shirt and then hes like i feel like i have metal teeth,  i look and him him start and spacing out then i laugh and tell him that he looks like 
Rambo and then all the sudden he says.'' at least i have a hole pointing at his head, i'm just sitting there totally confused  i ask him,'' what ! ?  he says .''dude just don't listen to me i'm tripping 
balls i don't know what the hell's going on , he looks up and sees a mirror reflection of him self in ceiling ( i asked him about his trip and he told me this) .

i look at him and start looking up a the ceiling as well, i start seeing all these i-robot figures sitting in a row like in a class room like deeper in the ceiling its really hard to describe and these were open eye
visuals as well, it was a really fun and entertaining experience just sitting there laughing and spacing out into the ceiling seeing all the creatures and characters emerge from deep withing the ceiling.
on like the 4. hour i started to feel a bit hungry i went to the kitchen and got an orange, as soon as i brought it to the living room everything just turned organic all the colors changed in to a more greenish
or brownish color just really earthy colors , the couch took a deep inhale and just started breathing all the plants in the living room window started moving around , they were all just drawn to the orange.

I remember my friend even saying,'' wow everything feels so organic right now after you brought that orange in here and him saying it made me notice it even better. 
We went back down to my room to watch something on the computer i put on a movie - How high my friend tells me that he wants to sleep the rest of the trip off 
i guess he couldn't just handle it at the moment , he lies down on my bed for like 2 minutes then gets back up and tells me that he cant fall a sleep i start laughing and push play on the movie.

we watched how high pretty much until the trip was over it was hilarious but i still felt trippy until i fell a sleep and woke up the next day. All in all this was a great trip ,Psilocybin  mushrooms have definitely
changed the way i think and the way i look at things, in a good way. allot more happened in this trip but these are the main things i can remember at the moment 
but i still have many more trip to write about
and many more trips to take : ) .


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