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200 liberty caps in tea

Din't go as as planned

So i had the house to my self and me and my friend decided do 200 liberty caps as just a one time thing for the experience , usually we would just do like 80-130 but we had tried 170 before and its was crazy. we get off early on a Friday, nothing planned the whole day , i was on a totally empty stomach and so was my friend .

We start boiling water and the we dump the shrooms in the pot , now these weren't  just some small normal liberty caps we found them on this little square of grass and you couldn't really see the grass because it was just covered in these huge liberty caps , long thick stems and big caps i had never seen nothing like it . The pot was filled with magic, we Boiled it for like 25 minutes
 the water was just kinda thick and brown.

i put the tea in two cups and we go to my room to drink it and watch something cool on my computer while were at it, i tell my friend to put something cool on he says,'' hey, there's a new walking dead episode out , now it definitely wasn't a good idea to watch some brutal zombie episode while your going to start  the probably craziest  trip of your life but we did anyway because that show rocks.

I had only taken 1 chug  of my tea and the taste was just horrible i waited like 5 minuted and and the take the next sip, at this point i

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