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My first trip on mushrooms

liberty caps in Iceland

I personally never wanted to try shrooms i thought you would just go nuts on it and get really angry but then again i didn't know much about them . 
Me and my friend needed money and we had heard that if you would pick shrooms during the mushrooms season ( September,October and November) and sell them during the summer that you could make good money , so we go out during the season looking for Psilocybin Semilanceata - liberty caps we keep picking some look a likes and giving them to friends we used as lab rats convinced it was the right one, but they felt no effect what so ever, thinking about it now it wasn't that smart giving them all those mushrooms, some of them could have been poisonous.

Then finally we meet this girl on a hill that we call rabbit hill because there are a shit load of rabbits there grazing and fucking around. Her eyes were glassy as fuck, (Suggesting that she was probably fucking high as shit or just tripping the fuck out) she had a backpack full of Liberty caps and she showed us what they looked like. After that we picked a bunch (Not that much though since we were still unsure about it) and went home. 

We go my house and put them in a box to let them dry out, a day later we decide to try it, i asked my friend (Lab rat at the time) to take them but him being tired of trying the wrong ones he tells me to take them with him i take 17 he takes 20. We put some on some corn bread and eat it. It tasted like ass. All of a sudden my friend says that he is late for class (He still had one class left). He leaves the house and i'm now alone with my dog, unsure what would happen. 40 minutes later i was playing with my dog and i realized that i had been laughing just nonstop as i played with him, i stand up and look around i notice that i feel really goofy and i just cant stop laughing about shit .

 I cant really recall exactly what happened but i think i felt like some one was watching me or would see me tripping  the fuck out and bust me for some reason so i rolled all the curtains down.
all the sudden my doorbell rings and my dog barks loud as fuck scaring the shit out of me, the door is down stairs and i usually check in the window above the door to see whose there , its my friend as soon as he sees my head stick out the window he says to me, '' dude i'm tripping balls, i comes in to my house and we take a seat at the dinner table for some reason even tough the couch is like 9 feet away , he tells me how he just started to zone the fuck out in class and how shit just got weirder by the minute.

I stand up from the dinner table and lie down on the floor to play with my dog, i notice that the floor just keeps moving around and swirling and all colors were brighter i tell my friend that i feel really unusual . 
We end up just chilling in my living room and talking about random stuff and laughing  as we trip for about 4 hours or at least tats all i remember .

After that i did allot of research on magic mushrooms and their chemical compounds and found out how ridiculously harmless they were on the body i then knew i had many more trips to come .
now me and my friend have tripped over 200 times in a 2 and a Half year  period . i still have many trips to write about, have had some wild out of body mind fucking experiences on mushrooms .
Now during shroom season most my friends take a trip or few. 

Psilocybin does not qualify as a highly toxic substance when one uses traditional measures of acute toxicity such as the LD 50 (the dose required to kill 50% of experimental animals, usually rats.) Psilocybin has an LD 50 of 280mg/kg. In comparison, the LD 50%u2019s of LSD, THC (the active compound in marijuana), and mescaline are 30mg/kg, 42mg/kg, and 370 mg/kg. Thus, when death is considered as the toxic endpoint, (psilocybin is one of the least toxic of the hallucinogens) https://www.shroomery.org/6297/Psilocybe-Toxicity-Information .

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