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Has this ever happened to you?

It felt like ecstacy o.O (sexual content)

I had a really weird trip last night. 

Two friends and I split 5 grams of my Penis Envy. The boys each took 1 g and i took the rest (and what they didnt want to finish). I decided to try out lemon tech so I grinded up my 3 grams, poured some lemon juice over them, and let it sit in a cup for 30 mins or so. I Hadnt eaten all day, but there was food on the grill so i decided to take the mushies first and then try to eat.

Well, that didnt work out so well, my hands felt weak and i could barely cut into my steak. But i managed to get a couple bites down. Before i ate my mushrooms, we had started playing a magic the gathering game, but by the time dinner was over there was no way i could anymore. The boys ate there mushrooms during dinner.

My mushrooms kicked in fast, about 30 minutes, but i dont know if that is because i used the lemon tech or because i hadnt eaten all day. My stomach also hurt a little more then usual (lemon tech, or no food, idk).  Once they kicked in i decided to go swimming in my pool. we al jumped in and were having a blast.

My trip consisted of mostly giggling with some wall breathing. when i looked up at the stars they seems to be all connected, like water droplets on a spider web. The wood grain of my deck moved like liquid.

The weird thing about this trip though, is several times during the night i felt like i was on x. At one point, i laid on the side of the pool, with my back arched and my knees bent. i started breathing very shallow and quick, and rocking my hips back and forth. This felt sooooo good. i continued for about 3-5 minutes and it brought me to orgasm. I didnt touch myself at all, just the breathing and rocking did it. When i came, i saw bursts of light and color in my feild of vision, like fireworks right in front of my eyes.

Later, i got into my jacuzzi for a bit, and when i got out i had another intense sexual moment. I was trying to be careful not to slip, so got on my knees to get out, but when i did that my nipples grazed the buttons for the tempurture and stuff, and it felt good so i did it for a while. normally my breast/nipples are not that sensitive, but  at that moment, WOW. I orgasmed again, just from rubbing my nipples on the side of the jacuzzi. And the same light show happened again.

One thing that dissapointed my about this trip is that it wasnt as spiritual and inward as usual, i think it was the people i was with, and the fact that i usually take much more that 3 g. Any who, i just wanted to know if any one else has had an experience like this, where you feel like your rolling/ super sexual.

Any ideas as to why this might have happened?

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