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lost in school

I had done shrooms once before with a friend, and had an absolute blast, so I talked to a friend and we decided to split an 8th at school in Boston.

I had done shrooms once before with a friend, and had an absolute blast, so I talked to a friend and we decided to split an 8th at school in Boston. Well, we got the shrooms, but something came up the night we were supposed to eat, so we would have to wait till the following night...but I couldn't stop thinking about the shrooms, so I decided to eat them by myself.

I ate half an 8th, the same amount I had the first time, but these must have been much stronger, and I had a much different trip. At first I sat in my room and waited...it was nighttime, and gradually the lights in the room got prettier, and I wanted music. I had borrowed a really freaky ambient CD from a friend, and the music was pulling and pushing me and making me sway around like a damn moron in my chair. Then the music started to bother me, so I turned it off and put on the TV again. Well about 1 minute later the TV was bothering me, so off it went and on came the music.

Then shit went bad. A car door slammed outside, and I could feel...almost see the sound come through the window and bounce around the walls until it climbed into my head and swam around in circles...getting louder when it swam by my ears and quieter when it was in the front of my head. I decided I needed a cigarette, but I couldn't smoke in my room, so I went outside. BAD IDEA. I walked out to a field with this intense feeling that someone was watching me...waiting for me to screw up and then use it against me. I ignored it and trekked farther out onto the field. Suddenly I looked to my right, and there was my entire sophomore class...standing out on the field laughing at me. They were all laughing and pointing and saying "What the hell is wrong with Steve?" I knew they weren't there, but it was too real.
So I ran. I just took off running behind another building, where I got completely lost. I mean there are trees back there but it wasn't a forest. No matter to me...I was lost for a good half an hour, and so scared I thought I was going to collapse...the fear was everywhere inside and outside of me..it was like I was being chased by a thousand angry vicious dogs and they were bringing everything I had ever done wrong right back to haunt me. I finally located my building and made a dash for the door, but my key wouldn't fit. I tried to get it in, but I was too clumsy...in my mind I was sure they knew...they had changed the locks and weren't going to let me in. I was pretty sure they were watching me then, and I freaked. I bit down on my key and actually bit a chunk off of my key (some of which is still lodged in my teeth). Then I pried open the window near the door and ran to my room. I was too scared alone...these bad feelings and thoughts surrounded me...I couldn't see anything but this swirl of sadness and despair and I couldn't take it anymore. I called a friend from down the hall to come into my room...he was sypathetic and very cool and I asked him to just sit with me in the room until I calmed down, which he graciously did (thanx mike). After he was there for a while, I calmed down and turned on the TV, and the last thing I remember was that the newscaster was seemingly made of jello...the frame of his body was jiggling like waves of giggly jello. He also was speaking gibberish...it sounded like: "sheka llaalo hooonan taka" and weird sounds like that. Finally I dozed off to sleep. That night was by far the most frightened and alone I have ever felt in my life, and I learned never to trip alone!

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