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First trip opened my eyes

2 grams of fun

The day was July 30, 2011 and my twin brother and i had 4 grams of some mushrooms we got from a friend a few days before. It was a nice day out and we knew it was the perfect day to do them. We copped a sack of some dro and got some sunny d to wash down the mushies with and headed to our favorite mountain biking trails up on the coastal mountains of CA. 

First i rolled a joint because i was told it helps with the nausea and then we ate 2 grams each. The taste was not even that bad i felt as if i was chewing up pumpkin seeds or something. after we chewed them up and drank the sunny d we headed down the hill to a little corner store to get a lighter. once we got back to the trail we began our journey up the trail. we decided to walk to the bottom of one of the trails and smoke our joint there once we started to feel something. so we sat on a log and talked a little bit asking every couple of minutes if we were feeling anything. im not sure how long it was but on guess i would say about 10-15 minutes after consumption i felt a sudden jolt in my stomach and then i knew the shrooms were being digested. so we smoked the joint because right after me my brother had the same feeling. normally we would finish a joint no problem between the 2 of us but for some reason we put it out about 3/4 of the way through smoking it. now is when the fun starts!

We started walking up the trail again and we both started talking about very old memories we had from way back when we were kids. that was nice because we hadnt talked about those times in a long while. we got to the top of the trail and there is probably a million eucalyptus trees all blowing in the wind. it was super windy that day. all of a sudden i felt as if time and myself had slowed down to a crawl and i looked at my right hand and it looked as if my whole arm grew another foot longer than normal and i looked down at the ground and it was further than normal too. and then i looked up and saw a eucalyptus tree and looked all the way to the top and was amazed at what i saw because i swear i saw the energy of the tree. it had a blueish aura bordering the tree. i asked my brother if he saw the trees yet and he said they looked incredible! we got to the bottom of the next trail and continued our journey up the mile long hike to the top. as we walked we talked about a bunch of random stuff i cant really remember i think it was mostly about how great we felt and how much fun we were having. once we got to the halfway point we stopped and chilled for a few minutes. i wanted to listen to some Jimi Hendrix because that was one of the things i said we needed to do on shrooms. the first song i put on was One rainy wish and it made me feel so happy inside even tho i had heard this song about 100 times. this is when i started getting hallucinations as well. not sure if it was from the Hendrix or because the shrooms kicked in even harder but as we looked out over the hill and down into the valley the hill furthest away from me was morphing and rolling all the way to the end and it made my jaw drop. i couldnt believe i was actually having visuals and it made me even more stoked. then i looked at all the houses in the valley and they looked like perfect little squares and they were all sliding back and forth like they were on rails or something. it was awesome i was stunned. i asked my bro how he felt then because he got really quiet and all he said was "Dude... im fuckin trippin." hahahaha we both laughed at it and i said i was too. he said he kept seeing a purple house pop up all over the place but he could never focus on it long enough because it kept moving. so we continued our journey up to the top of the mountain and walking felt so easy. we got to the top and it was soooo windy at the top. we ran into some bikers and said hi and kept walking and surprisingly it wasnt awkward at all. we sat on a bench after that for about 15 minutes talking about how great the wind was and how we felt like we could take off and fly. it was truely incredible feeling the wind blowing that fast. after the bench stop we both were coming down a bit but still feeling the body buzz. we talked more on the walk down and kept saying how mad we were we didnt bring our bikes because he walked so far. when we were almost at the bottom we were talking about shrooms and kept saying mushrooms and shrooms and gooms and what not. then i said magical fungi and my brother said im a magical fun guy and we both laughed our asses off at it. once we got to the bottom and back to the car we were thirsty and drank some water and then decided to go skate. driving wasnt difficult as the shrooms were out of my head but still giving me a great body buzz. in the car kid cudi day n night came on and we both were like ddamn man this song sounds incredible!!! 
we got to a middle school and started to skate and the body buzz was still hitting both of us so skating was a lot more fun than normal even just riding around. after about an hour of skating we decided to head home and we were just blown away at how much fun we had. in all i have to say shrooms was probably one of the most fun things ive ever done and it will not be the last time i do them thats for sure. now i feel a bond with the wind after that trip. 

thanks for reading! love and peace

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