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Salvia mixed with marijuana

1gram salvia 300x with 2 grams marijuana

I started keeping a journal of my trips. I usually would write about what I was feeling and what I was experiencing. This is one of my most religious experiences

- 8:42 AM

          Oh boy here we go people. I'm going to go bye bye for a while. Just made a mix with salvia. Added about a gram. Not a lot just enough to make me go bye bye. Well At least that’s what I'm judging. Went to the Hookah store and bought some screens and a hemp wick to light it. Going to first try it with the hemp wick then I will try the butane torch. The higher heat releases more Salvinorin A= Better trip to where ever. Ok you ready? I sure am. 3...2...1... Off we go on a ride.

                                                                                                       -8:47 AM

-8:57 AM

          Ok after hitting it and having a few mishits I finished it with the wick. It took a few hits to get everything coordinated.(I was smoking outside during the winter. there was a bit of a wind that day) It wasted a lot of the green hits. Oh well It did its job well. The wick is great to get the most precise radiant heat to the green as possible. My flame never once touched the green till the last hit. Then I used the lighter to make sure. The screen I bought is great. A pain to go and bend and get it formed but once it’s in...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I'm in another dimension. I'm typing on this typewriter. In an office building. Everyone has elongated faces. I ask who they are and they reply the Connectors. They decide what happens to whom. I ask who they are and they say, "We are faith, we are hope, we are many things. We are Fate. We are responsible for everything. We are matchmakers and dream granters. We are everywhere and nowhere at all." I am now back here. Knowing this I am not here at the same time. Off to smoke.

                                                                                                       -9:08 AM

-9:15 AM

          - I can feel space. I can feel all this different forces pulling against my body. Everything is swirly. It’s bright. I feel like this is what heaven feels like. I am in heaven. I see my relatives and they are all smiling at me and zipping past. I miss them so much but they are saying they are ok. They are happy! They are all round me watching me grow and live my life. They are watching to see if they made the right choices in raising and teaching me. Ohhh Nicky my ex who died of a brain tumor. She says that I was her first and best love in her short life. She gives me a kiss. I'm coming back to earth. The fates come back into view in the clouds. As I'm falling they ask how I am. I am Okay. I feel Love all around me. A constant hug...I am back. At peace. Off to go pack and smoke another.

                                                                                                       -9:23 AM

(by the time I had made this entry I smoked a lot more. This is the final entry for that trip.)

-11:05 AM

Oh shit people a whole other level. Things everywhere. Sensations robotic and loose. Almost like slow jittery. I'm gone! Bye Bye. Space all around me. Bright but encapsulating. Civilizations devoured and consumed but were reborn. Dark lover. Lick me where. Release from worldly woes. Reborn a new only to be consumed...

Finishing up the last of the given amount of plants. I am running to the beat of the pursuit of happiness. Kid-cudi and MGMT is running next to me. We are celebrating!! Wish you could see this. Drinking star juice. Swallowing galaxies whole into happiness’s gaping maw. Religion. I have found it. Faithful masses. I'm a god. They bow. Here me preach. I take you on a journey. Discovery. The details of life. Battle scarred. Tale of despair. Regret. Conflict. Hope. Change. Judge mentality. Confession. Overflow. The soundtrack to my life. Learn from my mistakes. Take a chance. Live. Dance. Enjoy daily pleasures. Beat. Rhythm. Constant. Over and over. Speak. Detective. Questions. Torture. Jail. Freedom. Beach. Chill. Sing. groove.reggae.ska.dance.high


    -11:48 AM


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