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Salvia mixed with marijuana trip 2

more Salvia less marijuana

Ok I started this by using 2 of salvia to 1 part marijuana. I vaguely remember picking fonts that were close to how I was feeling or fonts that would correspond to the music I was listening to.

It was as if I unlocked my brain. OK just lost myself in....myself. I could feel my bodies molecules and atoms all fused in the universe. this ever expandings blob of gases, emptyness, this writhing mass of a elasticity we call a universe. it undulates and moves and sways. the wind by the constant attraction and rejection, attraction and attraction and finally rejection. well let me tell you buddy. It blows. It blows hard. the wind is so strong it pushes trees down with one swift gust. it blows away heavy snow encrusted lawn furniture. It blows basketballs into different streets.


This  world moves. It moves fast. You have to learn to slow it down. to make it turn around you. YOU WILL LEARN TO



my senses are amazing. my sense of feel is corrisponding to my eyesight. i feel the movements and hear the noise. it allows me to see through the wood to the lock mechanism. everything feels heightened. i'm aware of 10 dimensions.

Everything is wavy. i'm seeing little dots on bright white flashing light. It is the spirit world. They are swirling all around me. After we die we get to that next plane of existence. We become beings of light. Small round concentrated balls of light. Almost star like. We learn more about the universe.

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