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Where to begin..

My brain feels like maple syrup

So last tuesday me and my buddy S decide to trip on shrooms for the first time on a mountain in Alaska. We both split a 1/4.  Well this is how it went, we've been planning on doing this for a while and I was virtually frothing in my mouth when it came time to digest these shrooms I wanted them so bad. We planned this canoe trip together, but that didn't work out cuZ he thought it was too sketch. So we climbed this fucking mountain which took like a day with all our equipment, set up tent, smoke some weed and then it was time. Oh ya we also made a fire first. So the shit starts kicking in a half an hour later and I immediately start to panic thinking about hospitals and wtf will happen to me if my trip goes sour, since we had no way of getting help and our cell phones just died. im usually a pretty chill guy, but not this time. S looked like she was having a good time, she was holding a rock real close to her face and was like "Oh wow look at all the smooth surfaces" and then she jumps up and screams "Do you realize we're on top of a fucking mountain!" and then I lose control (were about an hour in - hour and a 1/2) and scream FUCKKKKKKK! As she strips naked and starts to run aimlessly up the mountain, I yell at her "the ozone is less thin up there!! you won't be able to BREATHE!" She starts throwing rocks at me and doesn't give a fuck and she's JUST FUCKING BOXED ON SHROOMS. I am muttering incoherently " I think we did too much for our first time" as the wind picks up and clouds start turning grey. My mind is playing Ride of the Valkyries for some insane reason. And I look up to see my friend just howling, naked on the pinnacle of the mountain as lightning is flashing behind her.

COme down here you idiot!

She says Kiss my ass! 

....So eventually I persuade her to come with me to the hot guiser not far from our campsite, it was real nice and it was in there that we made love for the first time. I saw alot of crazy shit, like UFO's abducting us and van gogh painting a sunflower for us.. when I came back to earth I thought everything was a dream and I made the remark that my head feels like maple syrup. we stayed there for a week, foraging and gathering plants and animals to eat, as well as the supplies we brought we lived off of. But I was worried that i made S pregnant so i didnt stick around for too long. All in all it was pretty sweet.

thanks for reading yo!

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