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First time using salvia and tripping in general

hardest thing I've ever had to explain yet it felt like it made so much sense

Trip Report Number 1

 It was a nice rainy peaceful day. My friend messaged me talking about how he got some salvia and asked me to come over and try it out. After hearing about how many people freak out and have bad trips I was somewhat reluctant but eventually I just told myself I%u2019d be fine and that there%u2019d be nothing to worry about. After going through a lot of trouble trying to find a torch lighter (thank you Lukoil), me and my friends finally had one and it was time to get started. I was sitting on a chair and started smoking the salvia from a bong. I was surprised that I felt no shakyness as I did my first time smoking weed and eating weed brownies and instead I felt truly confident and okay. I believe that this is what helped me to have a somewhat positive experience. The first hit was nice and then I cleared it in two and instantly the effects started hitting me. I was sitting in a comfortable chair staring at a TV when almost instantly I felt my body beginning to droop to the right side and a total loss of motor controls. It felt as though a force was pushing me down and not only pushing me down but also pushing me away from my normal existence into that of a new one. At this point it was as though I had no real form of consciousness. I was merely existing in neither a positive nor negative way and I was following the drug to see where it would take me. I had no impact on the world around me and felt no existence. The salvia world became my existence instead. I also completely forgot the thought that I had taken the hit of salvia and it almost felt like I didn%u2019t feel like I was alive. I just felt the affects of the salvia and where it was taking me and those effects themselves were very interesting. The TV was playing a visualizer from the Xbox yet instead my trip felt like it completely ignored the visuals and instead created its own. Looking at the TV I saw the images of a child book that felt oddly familiar yet at the same time it was like something I only just witnessed not too long ago. This experience gave me a very odd feeling of d

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