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first time started while watching the movie Rundown

what a night!

I always wanted to try shrooms so i made some inquires and found some. Went to a buddies house who also wanted to try it. I ate one at first just to be cautious not knowing what to expect. Same for my buddy, nothing happened so after an hour we ate 3 more each, they where dried and tasted bad but not very bad. We where playing xbox  and i started not being able to concentrate on the game, my hands where tingling and i couldnt play . It was starting to kick in, so we put in the movie Rundown with the rock and just about the time he had captured the guy and was in the jeep going through the jungle the colors on the tv started to stick out kinda like it was 3d. I noticed this and started thinking to myself wow those colors are coming out of the tv. next thing i know the sound from everything in the apartment seemed crazy. i could hear the fridge buzzing and the chain on the ceiling fan popping from the vibration of the fan. and then it seems like the sounds started making colors and there was colors all over the room like the sound was solid. I couldnt stop seeing these colors so i tried to close my eyes so i wouldnt see them and thats when the real colors started. i saw a lake of colors and a  ripple effect that spread out from the center of the colors it was intense and my skin and everything became sensitive to the ac.it seemed like everylittle thing just intensified the trip. my friend tripped before and noticed that i was tripping hard so he started messing with me by doing echoes with his voice and waving his hands around me. I thought i was going to be stuck like this, it seemed like it would never end,  then everything became so funny we couldnt stop laughing, i had tears from laughing so hard for like an hour. I would try to sit there and not laugh and then all of a sudden i would bust out laughing again. We tripped until the sun came up and i was still tripping. i tried to go to bed but never did until that night. it was awesome, i dont know what kind they where i wish i knew and i look forward to trying some personal home grown. Keep shrooming and be happy  :)

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