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Very mellow and visually orientated

Mellow in this aspect described as not overwhelming.

     Yeah so pretty recently I obtained about 50ish grams of fresh cubes and made tea. My cousin came home and was all spun up about work and bitching all hard about it. At the time I was feeling peaking effects from the about 30ish grams of fresh cubes I had ingested. I had just drank about 25ish grams of fresh cubes made into a lemon based tea. I was starting to peak from that...I.E. OEV were mainly a large spacious opening with the carpet and walls flowing with the draft, only noticed because of a cigarette placed on a table. After about 10 minutes of her venting she asked me, "Did you ever find them mushrooms?". I giggled, and said yes, I found them about 2 hours ago, and ingested them. She responded in what I could only describe as surprised. She mentioned that I looked completely sober and held a perfect conversation.

       Things began to get more Intense once she left, the grass, looked as if it was a bandanna moving and morphing, trees breathing and the sky coming closer and contorting slightly. I went into the bedroom, and laid on the bed after watching some Explosions in the Sky's videos. At this point in this videos the oceans where alive and trees where fractals.

      Once on the bed I stared at the roof,perplexed by how close it seems and I felt that if I would have been able to touch it, it would be malleable to my will. I then put my head into a pillow, the purpose of this was too put myself into the "Void" as I like to call it. I enjoy seeing complete darkness and images that would not normally be there. This trip I noticed they were heavily rounded 3D Geometric shapes, almost ovals. Does anyone else love being lost in the darkness as much as me? I start too lost hearing of all my surroundings even with EITS blasting. I showered as well, I must say while coming down...it felt oddly amazing? I still need to trip hard enough to have a breakthrough. I still feel as if I don't get to where I need to be.

>(I love the acid CEV's though I must say even off of 1 hit they are intense. I almost got lost in them one time, my friend snapped me out of the "Void".)

Edit: The weight may not be to specifics, as I was eying the weights. The mushrooms I found were this, about 6 lighter sized cubes; some with and some without the veil opened. I then found about 2 more slightly large ones, this is followed by the 3 largest which caps where slightly smaller than a CD.

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