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Clouds on my Roof

My parents left town for a couple of weeks leaving me and my two brothers home alone.

My parents left town for a couple of weeks leaving me and my two brothers home alone. I decided that this would be the perfect time to try shrooms for the first time. After getting the shrooms me and my friends; K, D, and C ate them at around 5:30. D had done shrooms one time, me K and C were all first timers. I had planned on there only being the four of us in the house, little did I know my other brothers intentions of throwing a party. At around 5:50 I could feel a head change. Everything was really funny. Me and D put on sunglasses and stared at the clouds. K joined us about ten minutes later. In the clouds I saw a huge Charlie the Tuna and he was giving me a big thumbs up. Then the clouds started to move down closer to my house until they were on my roof so we decided to go up on the roof. We couldn't go back in through the daylight basement though because there were now a lot of people down there so we go around the house through the front door up the stairs and out the window. My house is two stories and on top of a hill so it seemed like we were really high in the air. We found confortable places to sit and just stared at the clouds and my neighborhood. I kept seeing all these cars drive by at the bottom of the hill with sirens on them. I knew there weren't that many cops in this one horse town so I shook it off. My neighbors all have really nice yards with small trees and bushes and I started looking at the different trees. Trees in the distance were all 3-D looking and the school down the street looked like it was built with legos. Once people figured out we were on shrooms and on the roof they kept coming up there and bothering us. "Hey man...what are you seeing dude...am I Santa Clause?" I just wanted to be alone now but my house was so loud. There were now a lot of people in my brothers room and the music was up loud. Downstairs people are gathered around the tv watching "Dude Where's my Car" and in the basement my other brother is on his drums with people playing guitar and bass. I felt like everyone knew I was fucked up (even though most people were too drunk to know) so I go in my parents room and lock the door. I tried to take a nap but I just couldn't do it. My mind started racing a million miles and hour. I checked the clock, it was 9:25. I start thinking about life, my life, how everyones lives interact, my religous believes. I thought about this for about and hour. Check the clock again 9:25. I remembered how on the roof time seemed to quit moving, now it was happening my parents room. I go to find my friends who are shrooming but they left to go to Jack in the Box. I almost started walking down there but I held back. I wanted to call someone but who. Everyone I knew was at my house. I tried to talk to people but they were all too drunk. I laid down in my room but then people came in asking if they could smoke a bowl. I said sure. When the pipe came to me I took it and then my arm streched so far away from me. When I took the lighter to light it my other arm streched out too. The people who brought in the weed said "Man you are fucked up." I got up and left and went back to my parents room. It wasn't even ten yet. How could so much happen in so little time? I stared praying to Jesus on the crucifix my parents have above the door in their room to protect my friends on the roof, that everyone would drive home safely, that my parents and my sister were safe, and I think that God answered me by saying they would be ok. I looked at a teddy bear my mom has and it told me everything would be ok and that I could leave the room. So I did and my friends came back. I felt so much better. We went to Safeway and bought Skittles then went home. D and C left because they had to work the next day but me and K stayed up and talked about our trip. I told him how I knew everything about the universe while I was peaking but how at the same time I knew nothing. He understood what I meant and told me some of the stuff he felt and saw. I wouldn't say that this was a bad trip because I learned a lot about myself, but next time I do shrooms(which won't be for a while) I am going to make sure my brother isn't throwing a party.

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