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The Fire Faerie

My first time I think I ate a little over 2 grams of the lovely mushrooms we grown in our own bedroom.

My first time I think I ate a little over 2 grams of the lovely mushrooms we grown in our own bedroom.

My first reaction was my stomach. It was hurting like hell, and I sobbed for a few minutes, then I took off all of my clothes, and walked around on the floor, hands and knees, feelings the ground.
So I first remember being very sad that we had no access to the earth directly in our home. I began to feel very connected with the earth and the entire "web", so to speak.
Anyway, I lost the ability to know when someone was in the room, and I was often surprised when I would look up and see my BF staring down at me, obviously amused that I was either
a) talking to myself.
b) staring attentively at the walls or sinks.
c) was rolling around giggling and saying how amazing life was.
I fell in the tub once while trying to squat over it for some reason. Once I was in the tub for a few minutes, I claimed I had "dinosaur skin".
Later, while looking in the mirror, my red hair and green eyes seemed so vibrant, and my whole body was glowing this beautiful pink, and I then claimed I was a fire elemental, or a fire faerie. I also claimed I was a Mountain Princess, when I grew convinced that our bathroom sink was somehow connected with a Mexican pyramid.
Depth perception went waaaaay out the window, holes seemed like tunnels, and things up seemed REALLY up, and things down seemed REALLY down. SO I preferred to be on the ground, where it was safe.
We have an odd celling light that seemed like it was some sort of alien skin, and since it glowed and seemed to pulse I told my boyfriend it was a portal TO the aliens, and that he needed to take off the fixture to make sure. He did, and I was pretty bummed when no long, boney fingers reached out to us! ROFL!
Walls, cellings, tiles, wood, every aspect of our house was alive and breathing, and it was beautiful and wonderful.

I also did not like drinking anything unless it dripped into my mouth as if I was drinking from a leaf. Everytime my BF tried to get me dressed so he could take me outside, I would get distracted by the fabric and color of the garment, or would not understand WHY I had to wear clothes outside. Why couldn't I just be in my natural skin?
And plus, clothes seemed uncomfortable and cumbersome.

My boyfriend said I laughed non stop for 3 hours straight.

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