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The Fire Faerie 2

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...I remembered some other stuff after I submitted the first!

When I first was looking in the mirror, I seemed magickal, angelic, an elemental, as did my boyfriend. Later though, my face was getting scary, as I seemed to be a devil, with evil eyes and no matter how I tried, my face still seemed to be smirking sort of devilishly at me, as did my BF. He even scared me enough once when his eyes seemed huge and to the side of his face. I screamed and told him to leave. He did, but later he seemed good again. And although the faces of us seemed scary, they seemed natural, as if the reflections I saw were just aspects of all things. The light and the dark.
Also, my mouth, his mouth and my vagina seemed like these strange creatures, like Venus fly traps, and I was a little freaked out to touch them. When my BF tried to put his hand on my twat, I yelled "NO she'll eat you or something!" It felt like my vagina was a mouth and she was always talking and chewing on things.
His mouth was weird too, and I could not kiss him at all. This must have been frustrating for him, as he sees his girlfriend writhing on the floor naked, laughing hysterically. LOL. He kept trying to touch me and it felt so weird!
So, I had a fabulous trip, and tomorrow my boyfriend is going to take some mushrooms, and we'll let you know how that goes.
Take care, and as the late Bill Hicks would say, "Squeegee your Third Eye!"
P.S. Ok, did anyone else find themselves constantly farting?? Cos I was passing gas like it was going out of style? Is this at all normal?

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