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The Trip That Changed My Life That I Don't Remember

First Time Hippie Flipping

It was mid March 2011 I had just recently started doing mushrooms and had got me some fatty Gold Caps for a Rave I was going to. I had an itch that needed to be scratched and that was taking pillz and shrooms and the Rave I was going to was the perfect place(It really was XD). So I take my drugs and party my face off. The pillz were weak and the shrooms seemed to be normal. Things growing, roots coming out of no where pulsating, nothing really special even though I was feeling really good. Then while at one of the stages the most amazing thing happened to me. The DJ was building up for the drop and I raise my hands straight back and reach as far back as I can with my eyes closed and then it happened. All of a sudden in the darkness of having my eyes closed a bright square appears and all these images start fluttering inside of it like somebody hit fast forward but I can't exactly make out what thay are of but as I'm watching I realize I was there inside that square. As soon as I realized that I opened my eyes the bass dropped and I was over whelmed with this feeling of happiness and other feelings I cannot discribe. I had realized for just a few seconds(maybe less) I had traveled somewhere else and watched it all flash before my eyes and couldn't remember where it was I went but even though I couldn't remeber where it was, all the feelings I had while I was there just flowed over me. It felt like I had spent a wonderful lifetime in that square. It was the greatest feeling ever! I have dreamed of the place I went to but it always just disapears when I wake up. I don't think I'll ever experience this again but It has made me into a happier person.

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