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First trip! Amazing time. 2.5g

At the local swimming hole. (:

First of all, i'm officially sold on the amazingness of this fungi. I tripped for the first time, and read all the online advice RIGHT after I got on the bus with my friend Alene.

I' reading about how the reccomended dose for your first time is 1g... Well we did 2.5 each. We're on a crowded bus, which apparently is another no no? But it ended up an amazing experience none the less... It hits me about 25 minutes in, and it's at first just the nausia and that everything on the bus looks so metalic, and not shiney but very technological. I'm only a bit nervous at this point, but I'd convinced myself that in order to have a good trip I have to let all my worries go. I'd say about 10 minutes later (at this point is when i believe i'd lost sence of time) I was listening to the conversations of the people behind me, and it sounded like an alien language... I could not understand one word. But directly in front of me and Alene is a group of girls and an older woman, they looked like a girlscout troop of 4. We could NOT stop laughing about them for some reason. The whole time we're attempting to text eachother things we don't care to say out loud and it's FAILING due to our shakey hands i believe. At this point my friend isn't in a good place. I'm not quite sure how she's feeling, but i think it was the nausia and her just being nervous about how we're acting... I try to calm her by insisting that no one really cares how we're acting, and it doesn't help much. She doesn't calm down until we're off the bus, and i don't remember saying one word after i tried to calm her nerves... When we get off the bus, the first thing i notice is the car wash we got out in front of. They have enormous palm trees that jut into the beautiful sea of light that is the sky. It's glowing and brilliant. For some reason i feel like i'm in California. We stop for Gatoraid, and strive to stay very hydrated. We make our way to the bathrooms so she can change... when she gets out she's in a much better mood, I believe she was just very ready to get into the icey cold spring water. When we finally get to our normal "spot" where the rope swing is, there's already people around, we make our way through their reletively disperced group and we get in the water... We then proceed to laugh our asses off at how awkward that whole situation was and we keep swimming... I'm insisting that i'm a turtle, and that we're in Africa; not because i was convinced of the fact, but that i thought the concept was hilarious. I seem to remember saying that it's like a new slang term I'd made up, so instead of saying "this is a really cool place" you'd say "we're in Africa". Pretty dumb, in retrospect. Another thing, at this point i have no clue how long it's been since ingestion and the bus ride seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye, while my friend keeps complaining about how long it took. We go back to our things a few feet from the water, and we gather them and go to a spot under a tree. I still haven't noticed any halluconations, but i do notice extreme beauty in absolutely everything around me. The tree we're sitting under is old, and beautiful... The grass we're sitting in was young and very green. The clouds make me feel weightless. I'm taking a lot of photos on my phone, the whole time i can't keep my damn mouth shut about how pretty everything is, and about Africa and about that lady sitting in our vicinity, probably hearing and enjoying our laughter-filled rants. Then come some hallucinations, I can't keep my hands off the grass all of the sudden; so much so that i expose a small section of dirt... as i push my hands into the ground it seems to breath into itself and then come back out when i release the tension. I look up at Alene and her blue/grey eyes look like shiney mirrors, but not in a reflective sense; as if there's mirrors behind her actual iris... It reminded me of that movie where after killing his victims he puts mirrors in their eyes so he feels as if he can see him while he puts on a "show". I think it was Hannibal Lector? but I'm not sure... if you know please tell me. Anyways, we decide to go to the restroom since we both have to... so we don't. And instead we go back to the rope swing and swing into the water for the first time that day, since we'd neglected to before. I didn't really pay attention to the actual swinging part, i barely remember that... all i remember is crashing into the water. We eventually swim back, and i can feel myself coming down. I'm disappointed. But when i look back on it soon after, i'm very satisfied and can't wait to buy some more... although there is a terrible shroom draught here in Austin ): as well as a water draught. Oh well, the longer i wait the more i'll cherish. We then went home. That is all.

**by the way i don't neccisarily reccomend taking more than 1g your first time. I'm not an expert but i think because we'd been on the same bus route and in the same place so many times we were completely comfortible with our (though unconventional for tripping) surroundings that we could handle it without "freaking out".**

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