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The Most Horrific Trip

Long term mental damage

One night I get a call from my mate and hes says hey man were all going to our mates house I'm going to pick up some mushies for 15 bucks and were going to split them and take them.  
I thought yea OK cool that sounds fun, being completely naive to the effects that magic mushrooms can have.

We get to his house and everyone splits it up about 4-5 dried grams each.

10 minutes in four of us are completely tripping out, hallucinations were in full effect.  The cabinets in the kitchen all looked like they were moving in and out of each other.
The paintings on the walls were all morphing making amazing patterns and colors and time seemed to pass so slowly. 

About 30 minutes in we all went into the lounge room and were tripping balls.
I passed out and this is when the fucked up shit started to happen.

While i was passed out one of my mates was punching me in the head and sticking his hands down my pants trying to feel my ass, but I don't remember any of that.

All I remember was being stuck in this never ending existence, I was under the impression that I had died and I was now in the limbo that was the afterlife.  At the start i was scared and confused
but then I realized how boring this was.  I was completely numb to emotion I remembered my life and I remembered what it was like to have my body but I no longer cared,
it was as if i was absent of a body and absent of all the emotions and feelings that are created in the brain, I simply existed in this empty world.  I was under the impression that the life I had just lived
was actually created in my mind and I was all that existed and if I thought hard enough I could create another existence to live in because my mind was the only thing that really existed.

After about an hour i slowly began to fade back into reality.  I could see my hands and with each wave it felt as if I was getting closer and closer to my body.  I was craving my body it felt as if I had been gone for hundreds of years
just existing in this other world and I wanted to be back.  Eventually I woke back up but this is where the fucked up stuff really started to happen.

I woke up to a bleeding lip and people screaming and running around the house, one of my friends had freaked out and was hitting people and myself.  I remember my friend coming up to me and saying come on were going to have sex.

At this point I believed that I was actually in a computer program and that my whole life had been planned out to lead to this exact night, were I would be killed and raped by my friends as a sick joke by the person who created me.
You cannot imagine the fear that I felt when my friend said this.  I knew that I was going to die, and I could hardly string words together because I knew there was nothing that I could do to survive.  My heart was pumping at an unbelievable rate.
My friend took me into the bedroom and left me there where I lay down in the bed.

My life then flashed before my eyes it was as if the person who had created me was showing me the life they had given me, and they were showing me all the opportunities they had given me and how I had wasted them.
They showed me that they were pissed off with me and that now they were going to rape me and kill me if I failed to answer the question that they gave me.
I was then plunged into a quiz which would dictate whether I lived or died.  I was looking around the room for something to kill myself with because I believed that if I killed myself I would win because I would die on my own terms rather than
on the terms of whoever had created me, but I couldn't find anything to kill myself with. I can barely remember the actual quiz but i remember very clearly seeing green or red lights when I was right or wrong.
The only reason I believe I won this quiz was because the questions were created by my subconscious so there was no way I could have ever lost, but at the time I was terrified.
The fear is nothing that can be explained and isn't something someone should have to experience more than once in their lives, it was the fear you felt before you died.

After the quiz finished I came out of the mushroom trip and I ran out of the house,  I just ran as fast as I could away from the house with no shoes on.  
I later went back to the house and picked up a knife in the kitchen and went and got my shoes and my stuff and left.

It has taken me months to get over this experience and convince myself it was the mushrooms, I even required psychiatric help.
If you read this and are yet to do mushrooms please for the love of god just take the right amount and do it somewhere where you KNOW that you are safe.
I don't want anyone to ever go through what I went through.

Thank you for your time 

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