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Story of my first trip

I am a shroom

I just read a trip report.and i was like man,my first was way harder than that.im not a veteran with psyilocibin but my first experiene was magical.i was like 14 maybe 15.im 21 now.i remember all this in detail.Some noteable factors.it was spring break.at this time in my life im strung out on adderall.not eating anything staying for days.which was the state i was in when i ate these shrooms.This all happened in the dallas fort worth area. We got them from this heavy set girl who's mom was dating the "shroom king".i traded this girl some pills for 2 grams?im serious..not a big amount at all. i felt the effects before we left the house.but this is the first scene.we are driving down what i think is I-20 in Alrington.and i look down at my right arm.theres like little rainbow colored mushrooms growing on my arm. i start talking out loud to myself.i call them shroomies.the drivers like what are shroomies?so i look up and thousands thousands! of trees are running down the highway like a stampede.the roots are moving like legs.i look to my left.and these giant trees like something out of the lord of the rings are jumping over house in the background like they are doing hurdles.....there are scenes in between the main ones im talking about but i dont know where i am.i definetely know chairs and tables were walking around.......okay now i know where im at.im at my friends house.i lay down on the floor to crash.he has some kind of golden retriever and it just melts into the floor. now this next part i dont know if its like an open eyed dream or closed or whatever.theres 2 scenes this is before i had an knowledge of mycology scene 1......i am a spore.theres like a dark void.i feel microscopic.what im trying to describe is so much more hen gravity. like a pull of the entire universe bending my head or dream head into the shape of mushroom downwards.its fucking intense.i specifically remember turning to whatever else was around me and saying ok guys were going to spore.(keep in mind i had no idea about mycology at the time i know thats incorrect but thats what i said)flash next scene.im still in this dream state.im in this same black void.and theres a blade of grass.im standing on its edge so im microscopic again....im sure there were more intense parts of me fighting through this void.but im sure it was to much for my pysche to handle......next scene.now im awake.we have to leave its early in the morning.my friend takes me back to my house. i had a carport at my house.with a ramped drive way.and lawn.this is the back of the house looking towards an intersection.im sitting there smoking a cigarette and we had been listening to afroman all night.its like 7 or 8 in the mornin. all of sudden afroman starts playing perfectly in my head.i was going to clean my room but then i got high.the wind is blowing the grass.to the beat its swaying.all of sudden every single one of these blades of grass grew a pair of hamburger helper arms and like :D --Ushaped mouth.but they didnt have eyes.and started singing with me.thats the end of my first trip yall!i love telling this story.

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