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Im Batman!

Well , I had done shrooms twice before ,and I had one really hard trip that was way to uncomfortable.

Well , I had done shrooms twice before ,and I had one really hard trip that was way to uncomfortable. I also had another trip that was way to light really , so I was ready for an exciting wonderous trip. (hopefully)

Anyway , on with the show. I had just called up one of my friends , because he owed me money because of a previous drug deal. I was trying to get my money because I was really short of cash this week. When I called him he told me he had just gotten 5 grams of shrooms , and that he could give me one gram. Holy shit , I had been wanting shrooms for sometime. Oh well , who needs money when they can have happiness and bliss.

So I roll on over to his house and pick up the shrooms. The shrooms were really dark. (usually a good sign!) So I go on home with my newly prized bag of mushies. I just stare at the bag for about 20 minutes , desiding when I should consume these wonderful gifts from nature. This is one large gram , looks like a couple of grams accually.

Then the phone rings , its my friend Toni and TJ. I tell them to come on over so we can hang out for a little bit.

They come over and we start talking , and I deside to take the shrooms. They are sober and im the only one shrooming.
After about 15 minutes I feel the shrooms come on. Shit , that was fast I think to myself. Then another ten minutes pass , and Im already geting visuals.

Damn we need to get out of here before my parents see me acting really strangly. So we deside to leave and go to the local grocery store , in which I work at. The ride in the car was taking a long time , and it was geting night time outside. The visuals were just geting harder and harder. Things were swerling around like a fury. Man what a trip.
I started to get a little scared thinking I was going to have another way to intense trip.

When we get in the store I deside to take off my shoes , for some reason I feel closer to the earth. Then as we are playing in the isles , I see a fly buzzing around and I swat at it saying look at the bat. Man that was wierd. When ever I said the word bat , I sawl a bat , then it disapeared. Wow. So I keep saying bats , bats , bats. I start swating at the imaginary bats formed by my words. I do this for like 20 minutes , and I finally out of nowhere , I say Im batman. Wow , that was too cool , I accually felt like a super hero. I keep saying Im batman , and Im George Cluny. My friend Tony just keep saying your a crazy mother fucker. I didnt care I just keep swating at the bats ,and saying Im George Cluny. Bats , bats , bats.
This was way to much fun. Wow I thought , I love shrooms a lot. This was better than acid! Finally we have to go home from the grocery store , in which I thought we were there for hours. In reallality we were only there for 40 minutes.

So we go home and my friends say bye , and leave. Im alone again I thought to myself. So I put on some music and I finally start to come down about 4 hours later.

The next day when I go in for work a bunch of employees , start asking me if im ok. I say yes why. One of my coeworkers says to me you came in all cracked out yesterday , without any shoes on and asking if we were working with the bats , and some sentences about george cluny. Then my manager askes me if I was alright , that I came in the other night babling incoherantly and swating at the air. Man , thats imbarassing , I dont even remember talking to those people.

All in all it was I fun trip that I desperatly needed in my boring life.

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