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first trip to the world of psilocybin


This summer, I just finished high school so to celebrate I bought 2 tablets containing psilocybin extract (what I now refer to as "shroom pills").  I was planning to take them down to the beach and trip with my future roommate (a close friend of mine as well), but my ride cut out on me at the last minute.  I decided to trip at a local nature park with a friend.  He had taken the same shroom pills (we have the same dealer) just four days before but this was my first time, and each tablet contained the equivalent of an eighth of shrooms.  When we went out to the park we popped the tablets and chugged a half gallon of OJ and smoked a few joints of this purple kush I bought a week before.  We found the park amphitheater, which was out of the way of the everyday park users, and waited for the trip to come on.  It was hard to tell when the trip started seeing as I was baked, but right as I felt the real body high to come on, a teenage girl walked past us while babysitting two little kids.  She was on the phone talking about how she was hungover from the night before.  Although she was fairly attractive, we were a bit too stoned and too tripped out to communicate so we walked to this bridge over a small pond.

Thats when it hit me.  The sky started shaking, lights became brighter, I started giggling.  I put my sunglasses on so no one would see my completely red eyes and dilated pupils.  However, my sunglasses made the sky turn into a rainbow kaleidoscope.  I humored myself by putting my sunglasses on and off, and soon, it switched around and then when I wasn't wearing my my sunglasses it made a kaleidoscope and when I put them on, it went away.  I told my friend, "These fucking colors man, they're hilarious!"  He was off taking pictures of graffiti, so I doubt he heard me.  I really had no idea what was going on but just went with the flow.  Then all of these turtles (probably 25) swam to the bridge.  I thought it was a hallucination at first but then I remembered last time I went to smoke at this park, the same thing happened, turtles swimming to the bridge hoping we fed them.  Then they started laughing, which caused me to crack up.  Two massive catfish swam up to us (also not a hallucination, they wanted food two) and it looked like an underwater battle for survival.  I started looking around, and nothing was as it seemed.  Everything was alive and moving, commanded by nature.  More people started showing up and we decided to go to a shopping complex.

I stayed sharp and alert while in the car, because driving on psilocybin freaked me out.  We went to a Chic-fil-a and I got a chicken sandwich, ate two bites and completely forgot I had it.  We went to a shoe store, and immediately left.  Then I started rambling about Transformers 3, so we decided to see that.  I bought the tickets and walked up to the doorman and gave him a twenty dollar bill (keep in mind I was so fucking confused).  He gave my money back and said "I need your ticket sir."  I walked away and came back and did the same thing.  "No, sir its the one with the barcode." he replied.  My friend, who wasn't as high due to his tolerance fished thru my wallet and finally got the right ticket.  We sat in Transformers 3, and I thought I was Shia Lebouf, as he was very frantic in the movie and thats how I was thinking at that moment.  I fell asleep and had some weird dreams, and woke up at the end, as the shrooms were coming off.  I still felt the after effects (a high feeling, brighter lights).  We went back to the park and smoked another joint, this time of some strong OG kush, and was dropped off.  I had a great time and I bought some more tablets for college.  The mental high was what made it a level 4.  I felt as if my brain was rewired and I was a new, wiser person.  I highly recommend the experience.

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