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my first LSD trip


i was at school one day and one of my close friends was talking about how amazing lsd was and said he could get it i think that was on a monday. so friday comes and me and 2 friends ''N'' and ''k'' where pumped as can be to do this. none of us has done lsd so all 3 of us were going to have a first time trip. me n and k go up to k's place and drop a half (buddie said thats all we needed) and we smoked a joint and ventured back to town we sat around and sat around and nothing happend so me and n drop a whole hit. then me n and k walked to ''A''s house and there were a couple bitches there that wanted to smoke a couple joints and as soon as i walked into a's shed it all hit me at once and all i could do was laugh my ass off i could barley smoke the joints i was laughing so hard but i noticed a really high temerature change and when we steped out of the shed i got a really good refreshed feeling, and the trees where glowing and flowers. the road had a blue tinge to it with wavy multicolored lines going through it. 

7pm- were just walking around loving life smoking joints and playing hacky sack. after a while my peak went down, but i was still feeling good.

the only thing i remember after that is meeting up with another friend ''Ne'' and he was gettin fucked up in the middle of the road. k has left me and n by this time it was around 3:30am small town, hence getting fucked up in the middle of the road so ne gets us a taxi and we go to ''S's'' house and there were a couple people there having a good time and what not i didnt end up leaving s's house until 5am or later by then i was just a big fried bag of shit and i had an hour and a half walk ahead of me to get home. i enventually get home around something to 7am.
it would have to of been the best experience of my life. didnt have any sorts of a bad trip,

but there were a couple of things i didnt like about the trip. one would have to be all the sweating i did. by the time i was home, i was litteraly drenched in sweat. 
id also recomend to drink lots of water. thats something that i didnt do and regret not doing, if your a smoker i would be prepared with plenty of cigarettes cause the cravings were terrible. i forgot to mention that i could hear everything clearer and we heard 2 people having a conversation from at least 70 feet away. it blew our minds

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