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Very Unexpected

This isn't close to what i had planned on happening.

I've tripped alone on an eighth of shrooms before so I figured this time I would be okay. I had eaten an eighth of HIGHLY POTENT mushrooms and waited about 2 hours and nothing happened which is unusual   for me considering the effects usually kick in within an hour so I decided to eat another eighth.(****meaning i've now eaten 7 grams of highly potent mushrooms, keep in mind that im only about 90 pounds**** )After about another half hour, nothing. I decided to just go ahead and pack myself a bowl and smoke until it hit me. After 2 hits, I was GONE. As I was watching TV, i noticed the colours start to sort of flow and drip from the bottom of the screen and spill onto the floor. It was pretty neat. As I looked around the room, I noticed colors and patters that weren't there before, start to cover the walls and other surfaces in my room. The corners looked like they were....rounded? I now knew by this point that I was FUCKED. It felt like light and colors and sounds were literally washing over my skin, i could feel every thing. I tasted and heard the colors as well. I had never in my life tripped this hard and i had tripped 8 or 9 times before this.  I didnt know what was going to happen so I just sat back and let my trip take me on the ride of my life. I decided to close my eyes and  listen to some pink floyd ( Any Colour you Like) and it sent me into another world. When I opened my eyes again, everything I saw was purple, pink, and orange. EVERYTHING.
I didnt know what to do at that point and this is where it gets bad. My thoughts were looping over and over and over again, I couldn't get out of it and the connection i had previously had on reality had completely disappeared. I heard my heartbeat thumping in a very irregular rhythm in my ears, and i could hear myself blink. My heart was racing. I opened my eyes again, and turned to look in the mirror and what i saw was...i dont know. My pupils completely took up my Iris and I don't know how this happened but I was completely naked aside from my underwear. I looked like I had gone insane, wild, completely just...not here. 3D shapes and geometrical figures were floating in front of and around me, they all seemed to be in their own dimension, and I tried so hard to understand it but I just couldnt. All I could think was "You're not Okay, Youre not coming back, You're stuck and you can't do a damn thing about it"At this point I felt sick, so I puked. For 20 minutes straight, my insides were on fire and I thought I might die. I layed back down, closing my eyes again. I thought I had died, was this reality or was I dead or in a dream is everything I know a lie? what was this? I finally saw the sun come up thank GOD because that brought me back to my happy place (I dont remember what time I ate the mushies but it was night time) I decided to go on a walk (still having pretty intense visuals) and just sat by a lake for a good 2 hours, I think I had fallen asleep but im not sure. Finally....finally I got my grip back on reality and when I got back home, and layed in my bed again, it was odd considering not even 3 hours ago, this room had been filled with  about 4,000 different dimensions in it and crazy colours i had never seen or...tasted...before. This trip taught me things I cant even explain. Most of it was terrifying and aweful but i'm just so thankful I finally got to see the sun come up... 

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