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My first trip on lsd


Since this I've done acid about a dozen times, and i loved everytime i did it. This first experience though can't compare because it opened my mind and i was reborn.

It all started when my friend Mike came over and he told me he had taken 5 hits of acid. I thought he was insane for doing it but i was very curious about it. He said he could get more acid later that night if i wanted, and I had twenty bucks, so i figured fuck it. We played rock band for several hours and i was just thinking about what it would be like. I ended up calling 2 other friends (brad and another mike) who had done acid before and loved it. i told them i could get some and i was gonna do it if they came. I didn't want to trip with just the Mike that was at my house because i found him kind of annoying. Anyway, around 7 or 8 pm we went and picked up the acid. We all pitched in for a ten strip and it cost 100 bucks. The mike that already took 5 got 2 more, the other mike got 4, brad got 2 (he paid for one but got 2 because Mike only wanted to take 2 more hits), and i got 2. We poured them out on my kitchen counter and i faced what could be heaven or hell. I had no idea what to expect. Mike took his 2, the other Mike took 3 and wanted to see if that would be enough, brad took his 2, and i finally took my 2.

For some reason i had more difficulty talking with the hit held under my tongue than the others. We decided to smoke a few bowls in my backyard, and i got pretty high. I had been smoking weed for just about 2 years at this point, so i was used to that. This really calmed me down for the effects of the trip. At this point, my friend Charlie called and asked if him and Brandon could come over. Without thinking, I said yes. After the fact i remembered that Brandon was really against drugs besides weed. This worried me a little but not too much, i was just hoping he didnt freak out on us. Brad had called charlie a few weeks prior asking for a ride to get acid, and Charlie said no. Brandon overheard this conversation and must have misunderstood what he said because he called brad flipping out telling him not to ask his friends to do acid. This whole combination i figured would be a little awkward. Charlie and Brandon arrive and we go out to the woods

I used to have this couch out in the woods that had a tarp tied down over it and we would always sit down on it and chill and just smoke weed. We had a tube station that was always out there, and Charlie and Brandon started pulling tubes. At this point we were about an hour in and brad told me and the other mike to come talk to him so Brandon wouldn't hear. He told me he was tripping and Mike was also. I told them i wasn't feeling anything and they said give it twenty minutes. This really frustrated me because i thought i somehow got ripped off or i for some reason couldn't trip. I couldn't convince myself that it was real. Brad asked me to sit down with him on a hillside that overlooks a shopping center. He and mike loved cigarettes, and i always kind of liked them, but i got sick from them a lot. Brad lit up his cigarette and i laid back against a chain link fence. I was just trying to tell them that acid just didn't work on me, and BAM it hits me.

I was looking up in the sky and i saw blue and purple hexagons floating throughout the sky, and i felt my body melt into the fence and ground. At that moment, i just started saying "oh my god" and Brad and Mike started laughing. I felt energized, like an electric current was flowing through me. I called Charlie over to tell him that he had to tell Brandon we were on acid, or he'd find out cause i probably wouldn't be able to hide it. Charlie went back and told Brandon, and he was for some reason fine with it. I sat with brad for a while and he explained that he never had acid this good, but he had only done it twice before and he only took one low dose hit each time. He said this was the first time he had decent visuals, and i wanted to see more.

I was seeing stuff that looked like Jimi Hendrix album covers, and different shapes and spirals. It wasn't cloudy that night and I remember looking up at the sky, amazed by how wavy it looked. At this point Mike decided that 3 was plenty for him and he was generous enough to offer it. Me and Brad both wanted it, so we split it. We were the only ones to go back to my house, so we went back out in the woods right after we dropped it. Both Mikes were walking back towards us and we met up with them and started walking back and i got a call from Charlie.

"First person to find me gets first hit out of the bowl" he says, and just hangs up. I tell the others and i start running aimlessly into the woods. I ran looking for Charlie for a while and suddenly realized no one was around me. This kind of freaked me out so i headed back and went a different way. I found charlie, but everyone else had found him first. I didn't really care though cause we all had plenty of weed to go around.

After this, the rest of the night was mostly a blur. I remember feeling like i had done acid before this, and I felt as if nothing existed except for this night and i forgot about the rest of my life. I thought the only thing that existed was this moment, and i'll never forget how happy i was. We walked up to Donut Connection, which i thought was a bad idea but everyone else wanted to go. I couldn't stop laughing inside and everything looked bright and weird...Tastes were very strange and i felt as though my stomach didn't exist. By the time we got back from donut connection, it was about 2 am and the Mike that took 7 hits had left. I laid down in my bed and stared at my ceiling for the next 3 hours, not wanting the night to end. Charlie and Brandon had fallen asleep and i was talking to brad about how amazing acid was and that i wanted to do it again soon.

More stories to come (:

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