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first solo acid trip


Last weekend i gave my friend $25 to pick up some acid for me, lets call him P. this was on a saturday, i went to his work and put the money in his car. and didnt get the acid til the friday after that saturday. i met with him at the park while my friends were hittin' the ol' apple bong ;) and my friend got a call from P saying hes in the carpark. so i go and pick up the tab from him, just 1 tab. he says its stronger than the tab i bought of him a few months ago. so that night i was getting super excited couldnt wait :D

I dropped the acid around 10:15 and started syncing my ipod, had to get some shpongle cuz i hear its amazing whilst tripping. my parents are in bed by this time. and i start to prepare my room. so i clean it and get a drawing book and some pens and an amazing pencil that has like 10 colors in the led( or graphite or whatevs).
around 11 o'clock im getting worried the tab was a dud. but i know that acid takes a while to kick in so i just lay in bed and listen to Pendulum and go on fb on my ipod and so on. until suddenly. at 11:30ish i look over at my couch in my room and it his taking up half the space of the room. i get so excited and happy that its starting to kick in. i close my eyes and the visuals are begining. i was seeing small vibrating lines of rainbow in a huge circle. i open my eyes and look at where the ceiling meets the roof and its swirling around and im getting so excited :D this is where i started to lose track of time. so im just laying there listening to shpongle observing the CEV's and the swirling and expansion of everything in my room everything was getting bigger and smaller it was really amazing i put my ipod in the light from outside and i saw the reflection on the celeiing from the screen and it had an amazing trail behind it... soon enough the entire ceieling looked lit up and the room seemed brighter. was so much fun just watching it move around.felt like a cat.. i start staring at the street light outside my window and start moving my head around a lot to make the light move, a few moments later i lied down and felt realllly bad cuz i thought i had sexually abused the light in someway :/ its coming on strong now. and im having a blast. i needed to pee so i get up and as im walking to the bathroom from my room through the hallway i stare down the hallway and i feel it swaying from side to side for a few moments until BAM it turns completely horizontal i felt squished but my parents were in the room next to the bathroom so i just didnt say anything just walked straight in there. peed stood there and looked at my hand melt into the wall as i lean against it and walked back to my room (horizontally) i decide to draw some pictures (knew i would) so i get out my drawing book and try and draw what im thinking but on my way to put the pen to paper i get 50 more ideas... and then as i scribble on the page each of those 50 ideas simoultaneously create another 50 each and its not stopping. it was amazing but i couldnt handle the frustration of not being able to write it down. so i just draw a face lots of faces from different perspectives. i close my eyes and the visuals are so incredibly intense... im seeing like 10 different things on different levels but simoultaneously. and because i was listening to pendulum a DnB band. my visuals would be blurry when there was bass but when there wasnt they would be incredibly clear like... clearer than anything ive seen before. amazing resolution :P now im just squirming around on my bed. loving this fluent thinking that you get. how a sound can change into something physical and then turn into a thought and gaaah it was just absolutly insane. i begin to calm down (on the outside) and i decide i want to watch The Office(US) so i turn on the laptop and start watching season 6. and all the characters look like their eyes are melting and it wasnt even scary. they seemed like different people like i didnt know them anymore. i think this was around 3:30 in the morning. i kept having to go to pee even though i barely drank any water. and i kept getting squished by the hallway but i wasnt afraid of it. my laptop died so i tried listening to Set Your Goals on my ipod but i couldnt read anything properly cuz the letters just wouldnt make sense or they would simply fall off the ipod and dissolve. so i was just pressing randomly on the ipod and ended up listening to The Ghost Inside and they are a metal band. and i decided... metal sucks on acid. so Shpongle it was :P anyway. i drew a lot more faces. and sent some messages to people and eventually fell to sleep around 4:30-5 from obsverving the amazing CEV's.
not sure what i felt that night but it was definitly "it"

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