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Paradise on Earth-RB

-Ruwdboi- here's a nice story that came from some good ingredients.

here's a nice story that came from some good ingredients.
take 4 young open individuals (age is not really relevant)
add 4 handfuls psilocybe cubensis
add 1 huge estate created in the times of the Austrian monarchy.
mix well and set free:

we are: thinking-man(TM), dj-A-man(AM), Sandal-man(SM), and me listening-man(LM).
we've all had experience with the shrooms.. and we somewhat (as always) knew what was coming.
we journeyed a bit under an hour south of the fine city of Vienna to the park called Laxenburg... like a perfectly manicured national park this place is huge!!! there are paths everywhere and huge open fields between the patches of forest, ruins of buildings long dead lie in the forests and it was here that our magical adventure was to begin.
We entered the park after paying the 14 schillings entrance fee and we walked from path to path cutting through forest to field to forest again. while walking over one path we saw a bridge. we crossed the little stone bridge and then we saw some trees. lets go to the trees.yeah the trees!! then there was a bench and some chairs at the trees, that bordered the forest. we looked into this small patch of forest forest and on it's edge we found the ruins of some unidentifiable structure that had a main circular room with about 5 or 6 smaller rooms each branching off the circle.
we took up a semi permanent residence in one of rooms, sat on a plastic sheet. smoked a few joints. sat some more. this building was so old, that the roof was long gone letting natural light in, even the walls had crumbled. I divided what we had into 4 equal piles and we all partook in eating the little beauties.......
just the smell of them makes SM trip.
AM was packing his stuff up while TM SM and I had begun to run around the main circular room, which had trees growing out of the middle of it with equidistant lengths between each of the three. we did it backwards too. and i jumped out of the circle and out the windows of one of the adjoining rooms only to rejoin the others as i entered through the window of the next side room. AM finished packing his stuff, ran through the circle and out a window at which we followed him and jumped out in turn. we set off. to the lake where we would enter paradise. the group hired a small electric boat to cruise with for an hour and a half... we took off.. a beautiful warm sunny day, scattered clouds in the sky, green trees hugging the banks and flat cool water all around us... laughed joked... and enjoyed being somewhat monkey-ish on the boat until we stopped off at this beautiful little island, at about 45 minutes after the munch session. we tied the boat at the bank and i clambered back onto dry land. the ground was covered with ivy with little dirt paths snakig through it.... the veins in the ultra-deep green leaves caressed my eyes. trees shot up around me every few metres the canopy partially blocking the open sky allowing me to take in cut out pieces of the heavens above and the light shining through. another ruin was about 20 metres inland. we all headed over to it, it was fenced of. but we scaled that problem. it seemed to be a small villa, with stone steps leading up to the main doors. a vaste array of trees grew in the middle bathing in the full spectrum of the rainbow sunlight. we left this island and headed for the open seas. as i drove the little boat i could not take everything in. this beauty made you believe in a god. some divine creator, this cannot be nature alone.
"if there is a god, i'd love to shake his hand" i said.
we passed under small bridges, cruising around on this lake.. beautiful... i saw rainbow kaleidoscope patterns all over the sky everything looked silky, my hair felt silky, my fingers felt silky and i could almost see every single hair on my friends faces, necks etc as the tiny hairs flowed over their skin, almost like an animals coat. silk. i closed my eyes and had very nice visuals of 3D rainbows, shooting through my mind's eye. we took the boat back. went back to our eating place and went walking. we came upon the old man. the old amn, was and is old. a huge tree, a relic of the past, easily over 100 years old. we spent the next hour sitting on the grass around him,then we spent the next hour trying to climb him... SM being the biggest was the last to come up. but he jumped down to answer his girlfriend who was calling his mobile. AM then lit the joint he made earlier to ease us downtook 2 puffs then jumed the 3 meters out of the old man. i took my 2 puffs and jumped. we finished the J on the ground and i instantly did not feel enlightened. i was once again prone to saying things that just come out, annoying stuff, little immature connections. but it wasnt so bad. AM and I then climbed a very little tree with one person on each side to counter balance each other, so as not to damage the young tree. while walking to the bus. TM hat would ocassionally twitch and fuse with the background. (later on the bus his hands would also do this, but with each other) we came back to the city sat in a park in the middle of it and from here on it is another story.
i left Austria 2 days later, our last trip.
this was to be one of the best/most fulfilling days of my life.

and you know what... i had my headphones around my neck silently recording 2hours 28min to my MiniDisc from the point of ingestion.

I love all you guys...
peace on earth and goodwill to your fellow man.

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