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Excuses the typing im really stoned 

Hey im going to be talking About My First and last time trying benadryl. I  was on this forum during the the beginning of last skool year. i think i was 15.

I was reading this forum reading up on shroom trips because i was going to trip soon. I started reading about benadryl  and how it makes you hallucinate, so i thought it would be a good idea do do a low dose of that to prepare for my trip. now i know its not even close to being the same. shrooms make me feel amazing and benadryl makes me feel like im in a nightmare. it was like 11pm on a Tuesday night just really excited to hallucinate for the first time. i took 12 pills 300mg i think ii took that knowing it was a little much but i always felt like i had a natural tolerance for pills, and i read that some people take 200-250mg and dont trip just fall asleep. at 11pm i took them in my room. i went down stairs to make sure everyone is asleep before i trip. everyone was, so i went back in my room and its been like 10min i dont really feel anything just on my laptop and watching tv. its been like 30min i just feel really tired and my stomach kinda hurt so i decided to roll my self an L. i thought it might also help me hallucinate. its been 40min and i went out to smoke. on my first hit of the blunt it all hit me like a train. everything moved like jello and i could barely keep my neck up. I was not able to move and i felt like i was so small and i was trapped to this chair like bait for some creature. after trying to get up for 5min  i just was to tired and that's when i saw this huge flying worm in the sky circling me. this whole time i thought this was real and forgot i was tripping all i thought was that i just went out for a smoke. so now im sitting there waiting to die by this huge worm and if it couldn't get worse i was getting swarmed  by bees and spiders. and i couldn't kill them what felt like a couple of days was probably only 30min  finally the worm came down mouth open and ate me as i was in its mouth i came back to reality for a sec and i was like oh shit i got to get in my room so i sneaked back in stumbling i some how made it to my room i dont know how. for the rest of the night i was trying to watch tv as my whole family was walking through my room at first i was like wtf and then i was like im tripping this is going to happen it was so weird they just went in my closet. for some reason i couldt fall asleep i was sitting in my room tripping for hours i finally fell asleep and woke up feeling so weird during the whole skool day. 

So my advice dont do benadryl like at all not worth it.

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