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First Time WTF!!

Who are you?

Hey This my first time posting. (EXCUSE THE TYPING IM BAKED) , 

This is the first time i did shrooms, iv been smoking pot regularly for almost a year

It was a Halloween last year and iv been wanted to take them for awhile. but my parents are never out long enough for me to do them and they dont trust me cuz i recently got caught smoking but thats over with know. anyway i chose this day because my friend "J" and also my drug dealer wanted to do it on this day. J is a really cool guy and said i only had to giv him 30$ im not sure how much he got but iv had about 4.5g and he had 5.5. J tripped b4 around 3 times. i knew 4.5 was alot for a first Time but i was planning to get only 2.5g and he happened to get me the 4.5g but i just goin do it just to have the experience of tripping reallly hard. This was all the day before Halloween. 

I told my mom for the past week i was goin to my friend "D" party. and i knew that shrooms could last 5-8 hours because i taken alot so i told her that i was goin early  and i left at 6pm. forgot to mention that my mom has i kinda big party every year for her friends and my sis friends and family (that will come into play later) so i walked up the block and met up with J i asked him if he would mind if we do them early  So he said that will eat them know so i started eating them and i feel really sick around half way done. we at them in the local sump with was more of a hangout we had stolen chairs benches and turf. J asked me if i wanted to smoke and he was already done. i said no cause i didnt want it to effect my trip at all. i sucked it up and just at it all.

7pm. i just finished the shrooms i feel a little better. Now i wanted to get some where where it would be nice to trip and i want have to worry. i was thinking about how J is a big dealer and goes to a different school and i was scared he might leave me alone i was also nervous about my family driving past where we are became the sump and park is on a main road. and i ditched friends and partys saying i can t hang out and stuff so i was watching out for some friends to. right now i knew i could have a bad trip so i just said lets get out of here and walk around blocks kinda away from my house. and he said sure.

7pm-9pm we just got on some sides streets and that when it started hitting me and j i felt like the color changed like to a warmer color a little darker then normal looked like and old video. seein g all the kids in coustumes was pretty cool because i was thinking what a cool thing to do when i kid dress up go out and get free candy. in really didnt feel like eating but i wanted to go up to house and try to get candy. I Persuaded J to come with me and we went up to the scariest house in the neighbor hood it was like a 10min walk and it was 8pm when i got there bcause we stopped and sat and just talked for a little. but know i have no worrys on my mind i was just thinking about how sscary this house is and theres no way im going there But J was like come it be bugged out and i fell into peer pressure but inside some where i wanted to go. as i was walking up the side walk in  front of the drive way i thought i saw someome staring out there window and when i saw that i felt like i knew what they where thinking and i felt like he said if you come up here i will go to your party and kill you family. by now j is almost at the door and i said i couldnt go and im having a bad trip even tho it just scared me i still felt fine he said fine so i told him we will do another house so we did the happiest looking one and when he rang the door bell and the girl came to the door and almost slipped i just stared laughing so hard and that made j laugh and it was just so funny for some reason and we just left her at the door as we walked away laughing at here. i still feel bad.

9pm-12pm he wanted to head back to the park and it was around 9:30 so everone is at my house so i said sure we got there and sat and talked. i did not see to much but i heard people yelling that wherent there and seeing cars in the park lot that where not there at 10:15 i was at my peak for sure and i wanted to do something and there are not many kids out but drunk kids older then us me and j are only 15 he alittle taller but i way 130ish he ways 110 so we left the park because of that and he had bud on him and there was cops all over that park becausse of us. we went to the local stores only 3min away from my house bad idea he sat inside the deli place for 30min it around 11pm i was mad that we didnt do anything but my sight was still werid and when inside it fells that the start is closing on me. so we left and runnign acrfoos the street i see my grandma and grandpa that where watching us as they left my house they pulled over and i knew i had to go over there and talk even tho my eyes are probly so bugged out. io went up to the car. As i was walking up i was thinking so much stuff at once that i felt like my brain couldnt handle it and i just went blank as i was at there car and all i could think is who are this people and They asked me why im here and not at my friends and all i heard was some stranger asking me why was i standing here and i responded you called me over and they where like ?? they said i thought u where at ur friends house and i rememberd evrything and i said i was bored and i left early then i forgot what else happened . i remember them leaving and being like im  fucked then i was in a bad mood and it was like 12am we where just walking around and all i can think about is getting caught so i told j lets smoke. we really didnt hav e a spot because the sumps are to dark and far away and there cops every where i suggested a place that we wanted to go to for away right by my block.

12pm-1am we went to a house that was being bulit it almsot done and we can bake out one of the rooms we went though one of the back windows in the back yard which is wide open. when we got in he rolled like a 1.5g l it made me so tired but i felt so good my body was tingling and i was not worryed about anything we left right after the l and walked for a little i went home at around 1:30am everyone was asleep i walked up to my room watched some tv and passed out but my eyes where still really big and i have blue eyes so it stands out i was lucky no one was up. overall i think i had a good first trip 

does any one no any ways to fix your eyes

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