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All nightering blackouts

Adderal, amytriptlmine, K2, JB Rum, and opium

I'm prescribed adderall for ADD, and i always just took it as normal, but then one time me and some friends wanted to stay up so we snorted some. As time progressed we continued doing this ever time we felt tired. After i drank half a bottle of JB rum, smoked a shitload of spice, took some anti-depresents (amitryptalmine), and smoked some opium I ended up unble to control my body, stumble around, with my friends voices muted and the natural sounds gone, visoin blured, seeing blur marks and shadows dance and rush around in my periphials, and alternating pitches coming from everywhere it seemed. We ended up asleep in our freinds gated community's lounge room, lol. It took me hours to piece together what had happened.

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