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Dispute with ego. First trip ever.


So about a year ago around this time i had acquired 2 grams of shrooms. I had spoken to a lot of people in my town and they all shared their interesting story's about tripping. I had been fascinated so i was set on going home with these shrooms and taking them in my room by myself. As you can probably tell my first trip ever and by myself for that matter was a complete mistake.

So i got home around 10:30 and ate them right away. I washed them down with some water. They weren't as bad tasting as i expected. Around 11:00 i started feeling heavy as if i smoked a bowl or two.
Soon after i started to notice my surroundings and take note of everything around me, unlike i ever did before. There was a full moon and the shadows of the trees outside almost sparkled as the light flooded into my room. I felt this strong feeling that i guess would only be described as euphoric and i realized then that i was most likely starting to trip. 

At 12:30 i started feeling more than euphoric and stoned, i started seeing figures in the shadows dancing around and having a bonfire right on my wall. Now this freaked me out more than anything(thinking my house was going to burn) i quickly got up and turned on my light. This then startled the figures and they ran away. I then felt sad like a ruined someones good time. This is where it went down hill.

By 1:00 i tried to lay down and go to sleep. I was hallucinating that someone was pulling me out of bed and yelling at me. By this time i turned on my tv and realized i was tripping and had nothing to be worried about. Then it happened.

I forgot everything, who i was, where i was, what life and time were. I didn't know how to think or breath or talk. Then after what seemed to be days and days of siting in my room on my bed i was confronted with a figure that looked like myself. He said open your eyes i want to show you something. So this being the first person to talk to me in days i got excited and "opened" my eyes. I then saw something fighting with another thing. I asked what the problem was and they said they couldn't tel what was real or not real. i then decided to help them, this got them no where and it only made me more depressed.

Then i got hit with something, it was what seemed to be my sanity. I realized where i was and who i was and how to talk. I looked at the clock and it was 5 in the morning. I was so confused, something that seemed to be days and days was only a couple of hours. I then got really lonely and proceeded to talk to my little sister about the meaning of life and reality as we know it. I didn't even really understand what i was saying. Yet that whole night gave me the weirdest feelings. I don't know if i had a bad trip or had a good one and just needed to look at it in a different perspective. Maybe thats what i learned from all of it, that you can never truly understand something unless you look at it from every perspective possible.

So guys i'm still a little confused and i just want to know what you think i should take away from all of this.

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