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Dead for a second

Worst trip of my life :D

Alright so I've tripped 3 times now.   The first time I took half an eighth and I had a wonderful time.  I didn't really get any visuals or anything but I was just thinking of cool shit.  A couple of weekends later I decided to trip with some friends.  This time, I took a full eighth.  I also drank one of those fat ass things of sunny d.   I  wanted everything to be perfect for this trip so i put on some sweatpants and a t shirt so i would be comfortable :D.  There were five of us tripping on just shrooms and one of my friends did 2ce and shrooms (hahahah) and one person sober and a shit load of people came through now and then. So it was probably about 8 oclock when we took the shrooms in my buddy's garage.  So me and some of my friends sat on the couch and began to watch step brothers while we came up.  I was the first to start feeling anything which was about 30 minutes later so i kinda get in a feedle position and get the giggles.  So i was laughing for awhile (i really don't know how long ha) and then my friend sitting next to me touched me and i got freaked out.  that's when shit went downhill for there.  Everything in the room was just too hectic and i couldn't take it.  Too much shit was going on and i just flipped out.  People were over here talking, people over there playing beer pong obnoxiously, one person trippin balls in the corner haha.  Anyway I was just trippin hard and my friend sitting next to me was trying to have one of those deep conversations you have while tripping with me but i couldn't take it.  I was just so fuckin scared.  All i thought about was death.  On the wall, my friend has a sword hanging there and i just stared at it thinking about it killing me, which wasn't very pleasant haha.  I was thinking about what death is and what happens.  I came to the conclusion (only while i was tripping) that when you die, you are stuck in your body and can't say or see anything but you can hear everything that is going on around you.  I then sat there and couldn't feel myself breathing.  I freaked out and asked my friend if i was breathing and said "yeah dude you're breathing." i didn't believe him though.  I then kinda squirmed down to the floor cuz i thought i was gonna suffokate (m/). and then i closed my eyes and i thought i died.  I felt what i thought was my spirit lift out of my body.  that's when i came to the conclusion that this was hell.  i then snapped out of it and thought "what the fuck am i doing i'm not dead."  this happened countless times.  all i would think about at this time was the image of the baphomet:   http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a4/Baphomet.png/220px-Baphomet.png and i pretty much thought i was in hell.  I was goin in and out of this state.  i then thought i was going to stay mentally insane like this for the rest of my life.  I thought about going into a mental asylum in a stray jacket just going crazy for the rest of my life.  I was just freaking out haha.  One of my frineds then picked up an airsoft ak47 which freaked me out bad for some reason haha.  A lot of people left and it was just 5 of us who were all tripping, 3 bad, 2 good.  My two friends who were having bad trips were scaring me. i thought they were going to kill themselves, literally.  While they were still trippin i finally calmed down.  My friend who took the 2ce who was flippin out went home and the two good trippers went to bed.  I decided to sleep in the garage with my friend who was flippin out.  All he kept saying was "dude i gotta get home" probably 30 times, no joke.  i started thinking to myself i can't freak myself out again, so being an idiot, i tried to freak myself out, so i thought about death again.  sure enough, i flipped out again.  So my friend calls someone and asks for a ride home.  about 20 minutes later, our friend comes in the garage to pick him up.  he looks at me on the ground freaking out and says "dude you wanna just come stay at my house?" and i said no cuz i can't walk (which i couldn't cuz i was so dizzy and i felt if i walked around i would black out). but he insisted that i stay at his house.  so i get up walk outside and start to dry heave cuz i didn't eat anything all day.  i then get in my friend's truck and he takes my friend who's trippin home.  it probably took him 15 minutes to get out of the truck and walk into his house for some reason.  we then arrive at my friends house in the country and slept in a nice comfortable bed :).  I was really glad i experienced this because it made me appreciate my mental health cuz some people are mentally insane like that 24/7 and i'm just happy i have a sane mind.  If you read this all thanks for reading. i'm extremely bored cuz i'm an insomniac and it's hella late and there's nothing to do haha.  And the next time i shroomed i took 2 grams and had the best time ever. :D  stay cold.

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