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Aztec train wreck

Sahara desert quilted adventure

So after many years of LSD and MDMA taking me and my senses to other sparkling realms,finally i have a shroom experience. I am on my own, in my bedroom on a friday evening. The shrooms arrived in two cellophane bags. I had paid fifteen pounds for them and was totally unaware of their potency. Me being the joker that i am, i made a mental note of what the friend who got them for me said to me..."Mind how you go with them, they are really powerful sacred medicine" "What would happen if i took the lot?" I laughed with my friend who said"You'll be with Jesus if you take too many" LOL Guess that set me to thinking, well i know they are really strong, but was really wondering what it would be like to meet Jesus!
     So a few hours after my friend leaves me, i decide i would nibble a few nibbles and see what happens.. Firstly i just take one dried stem from the bag marked Mexican and chew it in my mouth for a while before swollowing, i had not prepared for this trip in the least and was being totally spontainious.
     I felt a feeling bloom within me, i was transfixed by the feeling, i felt like the scent of a rose, then with eyes open i see upon my bedroom wall a totally holographic three dimensional image of the head of a dried mushroom. it was a static image in full colour, i could veiw it from any angel i liked and it was still there! There was a bright neon pink light glowing from the centre of the mushroom head, it throbbed in time with my heartbeat, i felt beautiful, at one with everything, euphoric, amazing!
     I close my eyes and i find myself in a desert bowl canyon floor..baked earth crackt and concrete hard, i sit cross legged on the hot ground. I look up into the deep turquoise sky and see the sun rise from the east horizon. It climbs the sky and crosses towards the west horizon behind purple mountain tops, then i see a secons sun rising from the east, it follows the same arc as the first, across the sky to the west.. Then the shrooms spoke to me, "two suns arrid zone a.".then my mind says "Tucan Arizona" Mexico! Where the shrooms come from!.
    Bam.....anext thing i know i open my eyes, felling really fine and dandy in every way possible! MMMMmmmm think i'll take some more! I didnt exactly choose to take more, it was a compulsion to do so, as if taken over by an unseen influence, so i ate more, and more, and more, I finished the bag of mexican ones and the trip started to intensify!!!
    Not content with my bed cover turning into the sahara dersert and catching the orient express to china... I was taken far away into past lifetimes in past lives, i saw the great wall of china, i see from the perspective of a sphere of light illuminating the scene in front of my closed eyes, i see a samuri warrior i am floating behind him as he climbs stairs built into the great wall, i wonder who he is, then my perspective changes and i am seeing through his eyes. From his perspective i look over my shoulder and i see an orb of light watching me! Then i realize, i am both the orb and the warrior! In one lifetime i am the samuri worrior and another iam the light, and today i am the man i am who is tripping the whole scene.. 
    At this point i was feeling so amazing and enlightened in my being, feeling so beautiful......i decided to take some of the other bag! HA HA now this is where it gets really heavy!
    The other bag contained a dozen Blue Meanies from Thailand i was informed. I take them out of their bag and stare in wonderment at their truly alien form. Couloured blue and looking like coffin nails i pick one out and put it into my dry mouth...i dint feel that i even chewed it, it just kind of got taken into my body, like i breathed it in and down my neck.. Then i take another, swollowed in one, and another... think it was four in all.
      I was okay for a while then i started to get hot! HOT HOT HOT then i would get cold COLD COLD.. my hands were sweaty and icy cold and i was starting to froth at the mouth..OOOPS i said to myself, looks like i may have taken too much lol Next thing i know i am no longer in my bedroom! I find myself in a dense rainforest, totally emersive experience.. GREED GREED GREED
      In the back of my mind i was getting a slight feeling of fear coming into my experience..the foam in my mouth was growing, though how ever hard i tried to spit it out it would'nt leave my mouth. I thought if i went to sleep that maybe that would help?
      I layed down and closed my eyes on my bed, then with eyes closed i saw a strange underworld made up of purple/grey tunneles, bubble like caverns in a tunnle world populated by strange fiberous beings, they looked like mushroom stalks, the spoke to me! They said "Come with us, you'll like it here" I sensed something was happening to me that i was amazingly familiar with. I had read in a McKenna book about Inorganic beings, that prey upon male energy.I told the beings i had encountered that i knew they are Inorganic Beings and they were trying to steal my energy!!!! GREED GREED GREED
      Somehow i was pulled back to my body. I open my eyes and i am still in the forest! Now im freaking out big style!!! I find myself on my knees begging for forgiveness!!! Next think i know i see a volcano erupting (still in my bedroom) on the horizon beyond the dense tropical forest... I see flir and laver spewed up into the night sky, a fire boulder rolls towards me and comes to a halt in the courner of my room, then it starts to change shape, i see a paiir of giant leathery bats wings emerge from the fire...the wings unfurl and i am greeted by the face of hell himself THE DEVIL.
      GREED GREED GREED it doent go away, just repeats itself incessently in the back of my mind GREED GREED GREED at last i realize where its coming from..the shrooms are speaking to me GREED IS WHAT YOU ARE BEING SHOWN........DO.........YOU.......SEE
       Ha ha yes i see! Next thing i know i am being pulled by the hand by a chinese guy, he turn out to be an Ascended Master, the spirit guide who pulled me back into my body! I would not be here today had he not rescued me!

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