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Best trip I have ever had

Discovery of a new language??

                 My friend and I have tried shrooms several times together and once with other people. Everytime we have tripped we hae only been able to reach level 3 expect for this last trip.  So my friend and I get an ounce of shrooms which is a fucking lot. we started to take them around 8 and decided not to stay indoors this time to trip. we went to our local park and walked around whil eating shrooms. People were just staring at us while we were eatin out of our bag of shrooms :). we met one of our friends just walking around and asked him if he wanted to join us on our adventure and he said he would be down. so while my friend and i were already started on the body buzz and the shitty upcoming part of shrooms my other freind just started to eat them but was grossed out by the taste and smell so he stopped eaing in result he never really even tripped that night. So my friend and i walked to anouther park that was really close to the park we were at and thats when it hit hard... I was laughing uncontrolably and looked at my friends hand and there was 3 spining circles shaped like a triangle. there was one circle one top then 2 for the base with a triangle right smack in the middle( the triangle had a small eye inthe middle). i looked closly and there were letters and words that were flying out and it felt like it was hitting me in the face. the letters looked so weird like they were alien letters and words but i really coulent tell what language it was. we decided to keep walkin and bynow it was pitch black and i decided to look at the stars in the middle of a street. If u have ever been in a hut place where they show the stars and what they are like the big dipper or whatever thats what it was like the stars came down in a bubble rigt next to my face and it was like i could feel them i thought i could acually touch them thats ho close they were. they were also in this weird pattern like they were put one by one in the pattern and it all connected to the middle which looked lik a compass. the one u use for math or the free mason symbol. i started to fucking freak the fuck out cuz i thought i solved the puzzel of the free masons. we again started to walk in this neighborhood. i kept looking around with my hand over my mouth in amaziment becuase it was so fucking intense houses were jiggling around like jell- o and trees were saying hi to me. then i looked at one spot and walked towards it and i felt like i was hovering to it really really fast. i then closed my eyes cuz everything was getting really intense. i then saw my self in the pokemon game for the playboy. the yellow version i was walking around onthe sidewalk and i could c snorlax sleeping and shit ton of these birds that had witch hats on their head. ( my eyes are cloesd so its prtty much like a lucid dream but im still awake its really hard to explain.) i then saw a gicantic gravler rolling down the side walk tearing everything in its path and i opened my eyes. i was seriously about to jizz my pants lol. we got to this other park we call the boobie park cuz it has to hills next to each other and it looks like a pair of boobs : D.  and out inthe distance was  the life of people walking and driving and doing everything humans reguarly do. the lights were all morphing together and it was just so peaceful i was abou to cry. we then had to all go home becasue i had work in the moring so i went home and i talkd to my mom on shrooms which was really fun her face was just morphing with things nearby an i just startd to laugh like crazy. ( who ever tells you its hard to talk and socialize with people onshrooms is a liar) its acaully quite easy to talk to people ujust laugh a shit ton. my mom asked why i looked like shit.( she thought i was drunk). and asked why my pupils were huge and why i was kinda pale. and i sorta just walked away while looking at my hands. they started to fade away. my forearms and my hands were fading away in the air. i started to question what humans really were an why we looked so strange. i was then on my computer and while i was watching trippy videos on youtube it stopped.. i was so disapointed but were doing it again soon with more people and i gonna try to reach level 5 for sure

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