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3g at home

Confusing and a bit hard, but still a good experience overall

This trip report is kind of boring. You might want to skip to the list of things I learned near the end.

Recently I obtained some mushrooms and decided to eat them by myself one night at home. My wife was asleep in the bedroom. We talked about it, so it wasn't like I was hiding it from her... she's a deep sleeper, and sleeps with a loud fan running near her head, so I wasn't worried about any of my music or activities bothering her. I often spend a fair amount of time awake after she goes to bed, so for me it is a natural setting. This is just to explain why I would trip with my wife sleeping in another room and not expect to feel any anxiety over it. I could go anywhere in the apartment and do whatever I wanted.

This was my 2nd trip. You can read my previous report here: https://www.shroomery.org/11130/2g-cubensis-first-trip

Before I go into the cool and unusual things that happened during this trip, I want to talk about the "bad" parts of it. I wouldn't say any part of the trip was a "bad trip" in the sense of being scared or anything, but I could have prepared better. Basically, I'd obtained some shrooms on Tuesday of that week, after almost a year of searching. Needless to say I started making plans for the weekend with my wife (who wants to try them for the first time); we were going to go camping for a night and eat them there. But she's a grad student and realized by mid-day on Saturday she had to spend too much time on a paper, therefore rendering her unable to trip with me. On Saturday, I was considering tripping anyway, as she said she was fine with that idea. So I stopped eating after lunch at 11:30 or so, so that I would have an empty stomach in case I ate the shrooms, but still wasn't sure if I was going to do them. That was the first mistake I think; I think it's better to know for at least a week ahead of time, and make solid plans that you're going to trip on a certain day.

Actually, the first mistake was probably drinking too much the night before. I don't get drunk that often, but I had quite a bit on Friday night, so I was hung over most of the day Saturday, and my body just didn't feel that great even into the evening. The third thing I did wrong was that I didn't have a solid idea of why I was tripping. In one part of my mind, I was tripping to have fun and see crazy things and listen to music and enjoy myself, but in another part of my mind I wanted to be introspective and try to think about some things in my life. So, while I was tripping I was never really sure what to do; I walked around the apartment a lot and was pretty confused.

Anyway, I finished my 3g of mushrooms at 9:43pm (I just ate them plain). I didn't really feel anything for about 45 minutes, as expected. I listened to some music, watched youtube videos, stuff like that while I was waiting. I had things set up (something I did right): a pad on the floor of the computer room with blankets, so I could relax comfortably with my music, and paper/pens on the table so I could write things down. My idea was to write down little journal entries with a timestamp, and maybe draw something if I was feeling creative, but as the trip went on I lost interest in that.

Well here is a copy of my journal, that might be easiest:

9:43: consumption complete
10:26: setting in
10:43: exactly 1 hour, and that was a really long 17 minutes!
[at this point I realized the floor was pretty dirty, so I started sweeping. I realized that the bristles are really gently and smooth on the floor.]
        A broom can really caress a floor, but nobody finds that romantic!
11:41: Freud says my waterbottle is a penis, but I think it is a breast.
11:58: yet another 17 minute hour! Thai food [it was waiting in the fridge] and someone fell off the bed [I thought the dog fell off the bed. Don't know what that was.]

Anyway, I didn't really do anything amazing. The experience was less "trippy" than I expected, too; I may have seen a couple of patterns on things, like on carpeted surfaces, and a couple of faint almost moire-circle looking things when I closed my eyes. Also, my face looked funny in the mirror.

The most significant part of my trip was all the things I thought about. Man, I really thought about a lot of random stuff. But I also thought about myself a lot, and my wife, and my dog. This trip was a lot more introspective and confusing than my last one, probably because of the setting and circumstances and all that. When I woke up, I wrote 2.5 pages about things I'd learned; I'll summarize some of those main points.

-It is important to plan trips well.
-I need to take better care of myself, and get a better job so I can get the insurance I need to go to the dentist, optometrist, heart doctor, etc.
-Planning, in general, makes me more productive, happier, and lets me do the things I really want to do.
-I definitely have a "pathetic" side, and I want to grow up and be a better husband, dog-owner, friend, etc.
-Sometimes I'm too hard on my dog. He really loves us, and doesn't want to be an annoying pest all the time, but he does have exercise needs, and I need to meet them. It's not his fault he lives with us humans; we chose him.
-I should redouble my efforts to give my wife every freedom to be herself, so that she can be herself more and not feel like she needs to meet every single need I have, as is her tendency.
-I'm happier if I actually tackle the things that bother me, like sweeping a dirty floor, instead of ignoring them and letting them bother me subconsciously. I should see them as part of the fun of life.
-Time seems to pass slowly when on shrooms, but it's no illusion that one can get a lot of things done in 17 minutes if one focuses.
-My friends have different opinions on what is "good tripping music", and I should take all of their advice with a grain of salt or two. If my favorite death metal and black metal bands aren't scary when I'm sober, they won't be scary when I'm tripping either.
And the last line in my journal entry:
-Let's do the things that need to get done around here and stop distracting myself.

I do have a question for the more experienced of you: At what dose do you normally start to see everything warping/bending/breathing, and visuals and other hallucinations? I have yet to see those things really, and I thought a 3g dose would be enough.

Thanks for reading. I'm thinking of tripping in a sensory deprivation tank in a couple weeks... if I do that, I'll let you know how it goes.
-the splendid tater

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