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First Trip

It's not a high, it's so much more!

             This was one of the best experiences of my life, and it included me and my friends (J, C, and JB).  J, C, and I were drinking early one evening and we ran out and sobered up quickly. It was back in December of 2010 during a two month period we liked to call, the "OM NOM Times" just because it was memorable label for a very good time in our lives. My friend, C, and I had moved in with our friend, J, at his mothers 5 acre property out in the high desert where we shared a 3000 square foot house. We had so many parties there, but this night was different. It was just us three and we were really bored. We had already tried Ecstasy a week before, but our supplier only had really bunk DXM based stuff that sucked. What made that worse was that my brain reacted differently too the drug than my other friends' and I didn't get that "E" feeling, just uncomfortable tingling and a strange euphoria that was hindered by something, couldn't tell what. My friends just told me that it was because I used to use meth and my brain just isn't the same anymore, whether that's true or not, I wanted to have a psychedelic experience for the first time.
               We invited our friend JB over and then we bought enough to give each of us an 1/8th. It was mine and JB's first trip and J's second or third. C couldn't afford the shrooms so we bought him 2 of the bunk E tabs that he said worked for him.  We ate them on empty stomachs.  They kind of made my mouth sting for a little bit, but all raw mushrooms tend to do that to me.  Now, JB is sort of a strange one, but we tolerate him.  About 20 to 30 minutes in, We all started to feel nausea which we new to expect. We started setting up playlists of trance and other "trip-enhancing" music and videos. It was about 1 A.M. 45 Minutes in and JB already started tripping, he said he saw the glowing space heater in our living room coming alive and said that it was going to eat him. We did our best to calm him down and it worked for a while (the shrooms hit him realy hard). Mean while, I was beginning to wonder if the nausea would ever go away. About 1 hr. 15 mins. and I was lying on the floor, trying in my own way to deal with my upset stomach, whilst closing my eyes. And THEN...I opened my eyes...

               I new I was coming up when I opened my eyes, everything had kind of a subliminal orange color to it. We walked around the house after J started coming up and we were amazed by the strange dissociated feeling we were starting to get. Like our minds were just along for some ride we didn't know we were on. At least this is how I felt. J wasn't very vocal about his trip. JB would get too vocal at times and start freeking out since he was already tripping.  We started up the music, including artists like Daft Punk, MGMT (hadn't heard of them until that night WOW amazing), and Basshunter.  I began to see green and orange moving plaid  on all flat surfaces like walls, ceiling, and floors. J, and I were quite functional for 2 hours after taking the shrooms. After that things got VERY trippy, completely lost sense of time and our attention spans went haywire. I'm just telling you this so that you will know why I can't give you any more time markers.

              There was a time during the come up that I began having an intense feeling that everything that was happening was acceptable, and everyone's thought processes were the same as mine. It was such an intense sense of agree-ability, with connection to everyone and everything that was going on, except for with JB. He was not having a good trip and was in danger of killing our trips. About this time though I started using the word "great" to describe everything. J asked me how I was liking shrooms and I just told him, that this was all so great, just great, man. Could put it into any other words. I was having a VERY good trip. I began laughing in this medium come-up stage. Everything wasn't really funny, but that was my brain's reaction to everything for a little while.  C's Ecstasy had kicked in, and I started watching what he was doing. He started laughing along with me, and his facial expressions were hilarious. I laughed so hard I cried when I saw him "rolling" around on the couch, literally. For a while I thought he was tripping just like me and that he was on shrooms, not E.  JB kept wandering around the house (which we had darkened by turning out all lights except the 48 inch computer monitor we were using in the living room), and he'd stop once in a while, and in a freeked out tone would say, "What is that! Nevermind, I'm pretty sure it's not real." We did our best to help him have a good time, but nothing really helped. While I was still in this laughing stage I was sitting next to a computer build project i was working on earlier.  I grabbed a stick of RAM (computer memory) from the pile and looked at it seriously. I asked everybody if they had noticed how hard it was to remember what you were doing for any length of time and expressed that I really wanted to remember this experience. So I pointed at the RAM and said in a firm voice, "Listen you! You're memory right? Remember this! Remember!" As I rubbed it all over my head to supposedly transfer my memories to it. I thought it was hilarious along with C and he busted up laughing along with me until we cried. Then the screen saver on my screen came on. it was bouncing cows. All over the place cows! Lol I lost it, I yelled out, "COWS GO MOOO!!!" Then C yelled out, "Cats go RUFF!!!!"
               Right around the time we plateaued, we decided to smoke a cigarette outside.  It was well below freezing, and we were barefoot wearing jeans and t's. On the porch we barely noticed the cold, it was dark, but we could see ALL of the stars. It was beautiful. I noticed everything had a pleasant, greenish, subliminal glow.  As we smoked I looked at the trees because another friend had told me once that when he tripped, he saw a tree dancing. While I didn't see any of that going on, I noticed an unusual amount of meteors (shooting stars) going across the sky. They were absolutely brilliant and they came down in different colors.  I looked it up later, apparently we had happened to do mushrooms on the night of a HUGE meteor shower, we weren't just tripping. (We would see at least 10-15 meteors every minute) It was amazing. Meanwhile I noticed that JB was staring intently at the cherry on my cigarette. I moved to flick the ash off and he followed it intensely. I started waving it around and I noticed that the glowing cherry in the dark was leaving beautiful streaks behind it when I moved it. JB was goin nuts about how beautiful it was. I started swirling it and he started crying because it was so beautiful.  Eventually he said he was tripping too hard and he started trying to sober up. Some how he said he broke away from his trip, then ate and laid down in the laundry room for the rest of the night.  C was just rolling and J was having a good trip, but sometimes tried to be a downer by trying to downplay some things. Sometime it would hurt my trip, but I'd bounce right back. He'd try to be logical, but as I got a feel for my trip and played around with logic and thought, I realized that it's all futile during a trip. Just enjoy yourself to the fullest. And I did!
                 Oh, during the plateau, we watched so many videos, from harsh trippy stuff that was made by people who've probably never tripped (some stuff got scary) too some really good stuff. I watched the music video for MGMT - Electric Feel in HD for the first time. It was mind-bogglingly amazing for me. I felt so right. Like this night was made for that video and the video was made for us on this night.  The ambient light in the house was mostly green because of the Linux Mint wallpaper I had for my desktop on the 48"screen. Even without that light, everything seemed glowing mildly green without actually seeing it.  So hard to explain. When I closed my eyes I could see colorless geometric 3D shapes floating around. When listening to good music for psychedelics, I noticed and understood all the instrument voices much more clearly.  Rich, warm, instrument voices like the bass and kick of Daft Punk, Deadmau5, or other Trance or electronic music seemed to react with the core of my body in such a wonderful way. I could feel the music. Almost taste it. Some sounds would make my mind think of a mushroom or group of them. So strange how the mind reacts.
                    During one portion of the night C and I decided to look for our cigarettes. We had lost them.  My logical mind was pretty much nonexistent and he was rolling pretty hard, so we spent a lot of time going to a bedroom to look, then forgetting what we were doing.  We'd remember, start searching, and realize we didn't know what we were doing again and, then we'd remember sometimes, other times I'd get distracted by the woodgrain on the cabinets or something stupid like that.  It was amazing and frustrating at the same time. FInally gave up on that though, (we found the cigarettes basically out in the open the next morning lol!) It started becoming harder to read. It got really hard, and I started forgetting how to operate the Linux Operating system on my computer.  J eventually took over, he was somehow not finding everything as 'ok and great' as I was and started getting frustrated at times. Youtube is a Godsend for tripping people though! I finally understand the music video for the Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be/Rock that Body. 
                During our comedown, we all got comfortable and started to watch a video that J had downloaded. It was an hour or so long  Anime movie done by Daft Punk set to music, every song from their album, Discovery I think is on it, and it really was a psychedelic treat for us.  After the movie, it was still dark so we decided to sit on the porch, and watch the continuing meteor shower until sunrise. This was around 5 in the morning it think. All of a sudden we all saw everything light up in a great blue flash of light. I though it was cops for a second, but we saw that it was a huge meteor that went close by and broke to bits in a blue fiery flash! By the time sunrise came around, we were all mostly come down from our respective substances. I still had an afterglow effect for a few hours, but I'd say we tripped for about 5 to six hours. We ate breakfast and went about our day relaxing and reflecting on what we had done, and how it was for all of use. Well JB went home as soon as he woke, but J, C, and I had a great night. After that, even though I was staying clean from meth, the trip somehow made my cravings for meth stay away for a long time. Somehow put a damper on my addict mind. I've become much more thoughtful and wise in my decisions and thoughts since my trip. I simply can not wait to do it again, but I haven't had the money and supply available to me since that one time.

I will never forget my first trip. I LOVE MUSHROOMS!!!!

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