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You are now my charge!

First flush spoke to me.

SO! Though  I have been in the psychedelics scene for quite some time this past month and a half  was my first attempt at mycology. I made friends with a trusted cultivator on the site and he guided me through my first flush! I have had 100's of very intense acid/mescaline/mushroom trips but nothing was as clear and haunting as what happened over the weekend........

Some friends and I had spent the weekend at 3 day outdoor music festival and my first flush was just finishing up! I was very excited to see how things turned out with my first whack at mycology. I arrived at my friends place  and met up with a few other friends there. In total there were 4 of us going to this music festival and this was the final day of the event. Between the 4 of us we had 4 hits of LSD and approximately 5grams of dried mushrooms to split between us. Since the other 3 guys had zero experience with LSD and minimal with mushrooms i figured that the 1.2g dose each of mushrooms and the 1 hit of LSD each would be a perfect amount to go out and enjoy the last of the music festival with. We all took our hit of LSD then me and one of the other guys drank our cup of the mushroom tea. The other 2 guys took a couple sips of their cups and decided to not finish it for fear of a hard trip. I assured them 1 hit of acid and 1.2g of mushrooms was a very mild dose but they didnt want to finish their tea. I drank a little more off theirs but then ended up pouring the rest of the tea down the drain. (Which i felt bad about doing and normally would just have drank it all to myself but in the very slight off chance one of them had a bad trip i didnt want to be out of order.)

So off to the festival we go! We arrive its HOT AS BALLS outside even at 545 when we arrived it was still close to 88 degrees and super humid! We find a spot throw down our blanket as a base of operations for the day (there was multiple stages playing bands at different times and the park was pretty huge that the event was going on in.) After setting up and figuring out the itinerary 2 of the guys (who didnt take the full mushroom doses) in the group go to another side of the park to see another band. Meanwhile me and the other guy are starting to see visuals. The trees in the park are all waving at me, the sky is moving fastforward while changing colors very quickly birds were swooping down to head level with streaks of color flowing out from behind them it was intense. The band was putting on a real good set and I was having a real good time but then my bud mentions that he wished he had split the rest of the wasted mushroom juice with me. I agreed with him and then he offered me 2 capsules of MDMA I obliged because I really enjoy adding MDMA to hallucinogens.

30 Minutes later the rest of our group comes back to join us to see the current band playing and each also expressed they wished they had drank the rest of their juice and also take MDMA as well.

The set band is killing it the crowd it going crazy the trees and the birds and the colors and the sky moving at 1000 miles an hour were incredible and then the music was gone.........

"You wasted me"
"You threw me away!"


"I shared myself with you and you threw me away"

...........who is this?

"Im the oldest hallucinogen in the world"

.........the mushrooms?


"I was here before your kind came here and Ill be here long after"

"I gave you my gift and you threw it away! I should give you hell for that right now"

Just then a wave of panic came over me and everything got dark and slowed down.


"I will give you another chance, BUT YOU MUST NEVER WASTE ME AGAIN!"


"You also owe me retribution. You must share me with your friends again several more times. Share me and do not ever waste me again!"


"You are now my charge. You know how to cultivate me and now you must plant my seeds in other people"

I will.

The music comes back, the fast moving colored sky, the waving trees and the birds came flying right back all at once in a flash of light.

My friends noticed I had been quiet for a while and kind of out of it I just looked back and smiled and said I was fine. The rest of the evening was very enjoyable, following the festival ending we walked a few miles rather than cabbing it. We had amazing rocket pops that got blue dye all over our hands because they were melting faster than we could eat them from the hot summer night. We had a couple beers at a local bar, played some pool, drew pictures on a chalk board at the bar then judged them! Some of the suggestions were - a cow, unicorn, and a fish! 

Once back at my friends place we talked of altruism and selfishness and other philosophic matters.

After eating some food I went home and  walked over to my terrarium, earnestly misted and fanned my budding fruits and crashed out for a deep dreamless sleep that lasted 11 hours.

*Just as a final note*

I know roughly 1.5g isnt really generally the protocol for a level 4 experience but having the LSD and the MDMA mixed in sure gave it the elements of a level 4.

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