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Tripping on LIFE!

First trip alone. Spent half the trip in handcuffs.

So, I've been using Psychedelics very occasionally for about a year now. There was a lot of time in my life wasted on Erowid and Google, just like the majority of all the other happy drug users out there! And I have read so many trip reports/experiences that I can't believe I haven't actually wrote one yet.

And as today's crazy events are finally coming to a stop, I'm able to understand something about this trip in particular. This trip, I realized, is THE trip I will forever hold dearest and closest to my heart. I will always remember today for showing me some beautiful perspectives on the Psychedelic user's life. So, let us begin with the obtaining of the psilocybin mushrooms...

Last night, like almost every other night around my little corner of the bible-belt, I had been trying and trying to get some mushrooms or LSD. FINALLY, I ended up accidentally crossing paths with a friend of mine who just so happened to have seven grams of mushrooms. I had to almost beg him to make a trade with me because I had no money. In the end, we reached a fairly good deal and I received TWO POINT FIVE GRAMS OF MUSHROOMS ALL FOR MYSELF!!! The thing is that I've never owned any psychedelics that were "all mine". I've only tripped with friends around. But when I finally got them, I was living in happiness as long as I was holding on to them. I ended up somehow losing them two or three times until I was finally able to ingest. So, the moment had finally come. I was all alone... and prepared for a life journey through time and space. I drove my dad's shitty truck (while my car is being worked on) to this beautiful public park that I have quite a few memories growing up around. I parked my ass and let my digestive system do all the work. I had a really good time meditating and barely hallucinating. Besides feeling and unfulfilled trip, everything seemed all good and I was happy.

 I went back to the truck to let the trip peak and die down. I ended up falling asleep for awhile but I felt awake, just totally disconnected with reality. Then day turned into night and an unexpected visitor appeared behind my vehicle. It was a park ranger. Immediately, I thought of all the things I could be in trouble for and I knew the only thing in the truck was the makeshift pot pipe I created for today's trip. Thank God I ate all the mushrooms and smoked all the pot. Wow. So the dude tells me it's past closing time, and I told him that I honestly was not aware of that and that I would leave. But before I left, he asked to take a look at my driver's license. All good, as far as I knew. He comes back from his car and tells me it's suspended. I had NO idea, so it was even more shocking. I'm still tripping pretty hard during all of this.

THEN... He asked me if I had any alcohol or illegal drugs in the truck that he needed to know about. And I told him as sincere and honest as I could that there were not any substances. He didn't believe me. He patted me down thoroughly, and proceeded to look in the car. The only two things I'm thinking about are the two bags with mushroom/pot residue and the home-made pipe. So, I'm somewhat nervous, yet still feelin' that universal glow. I didn't think what happened next would ever happen to me. I sat infront of my vehicle in hand-cuffs. Wow.

He couldn't find shit in the truck, so he called in for backup. Tweedle-dumb entered the scene, and they ended up finding a bag with white residue. And I swear to god, these two park rangers felt SO smart and powerful as soon as they found this. They instantly assumed it was meth or crack. When honestly I had no idea what the white residue was, lol! It took them like two hours to finish looking around and really the only evidence of anything was this mysterious white powder which was actually all over the place and my pot-pipe. Again, they instantly assumed it was a meth pipe. They even tried to school me on how they knew it was meth. Apparently, they found white crystals all inside the hollow pen and tinfoil.

So they were unable to charge me for anything because it turns out that the mysterious white powder was actually from some Easy Mac I bought at fucking Walmart earlier. The shit inside it that cooks with water and macaroni spilled on the seat. LOL!!!!!!!!

In the end, I WIN. But then again, I feel like I didn't win anything. Because that's life. But I do feel so amazing from all that happened and the fact I was tripping the WHOLE time! This is definitely going to be considered the most surreal moment in my life. I feel as if there is a symphonic orchestra playing the longest and most ridiculous masterpiece in my head right now. Thanks for reading!

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