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Well it's like this.

Well it's like this...last halloween my friends Ash, Mal, Nina and I wanted to take some shrooms to make our Halloween more exciting than any one we've ever had in our lives. So we got them from our friend and we walked to my house since my mom wasn't going to be home all night. So we had the house to ourselves, it was great. We made some shroom tea and sat around my kitchen table drinking the tea and eating the shrooms...when we were done we were so curious about how this would be, since niether one of us had done it before. About a half hour later, all of a sudden the door bell rang...it was some kids who wanted candy. I was really confused and scared at the same time because they had very strange costumes on. Since we didn't have any candy, we threw them some Top Ramen packages and told them to get the hell off my porch and never come back...then things went wierd. All of a sudden I felt very cold and so I put on a jacket. Ash and Nina were running around my driveway and I couldn't find Mal...so I went to my living room and I saw her. She looked so fucked up..she was chewing on her finger and just staring off...I asked her what the hell she was doing and all she kept saying was "I'm in a carnival, I'm in a carnival..." So I just let her be...I went into my rec room and I had a huge blacklight on..everything looked so cool..all of a sudden ash came in and she looked like a demon or something so I ran out as fast as I could and i cried histarically and thought I was going to hell for what I had done...but then nina came up to me and said its okay...but she had to go home. and ash was gunna go with her. Then mal said her dad was on the way too......So I was freaking out, I was pissed that I had to stay there alone, and I was scared off my ass. So nina left...but ash stayed with me..and mal left too....I dont know what happened to them but the night was not even close to ending for me and ash. We went to my room, and everytime I have people over i have them draw or write something on my wall...it was covered with all different shit..and we decided to color. So I traced my hand on my wall...and I thought it kinda looked half alien half human so I colored one side green and one side pink..it was crazy shit...then my brother showed up with some of his friends...and they were all high ...and they turned on some scary halloween music and once again I thought I was in hell...so me and ash went out side and looked around. It was mass foggy out so everything looked like a painting...and the rosebushes were popping up and down. It was crazy..then my brother comes out and he says what the fuck are you doing? i tell him to go away because all he sounds like is wa wa wa wa wa.....and he was getting annoying...me and ash went back in my rec room with the black light and everything looked so pyschadelic..then we went in the bathroom and we looked so wierd in the mirror...everything was melting and then i thought the mirror broke and i felt as though the glass went in my eye and in my skin....I was in horrible pain..so I laid down. Then I was in an egyptian town and i was the ruler...Pharoe Kawanana....and they were mumifying me because I died a mysterious death...I dont remember much else...but it was the raddest time of my life..I will never forget it. I hope you really have fun with it too.....later


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