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Still trying to figure out why this happened

Adderall XR, No Sleep, And Legal Herb

Ok, this is my first time on shroomery and i thought id share what kind of trip i had yesterday afternoon, so here we go.

It all started when i got home from a friends house yesterday, i was on the front porch just sitting and talking with my grandma, uncle and mom and i look down and theres this little roach, (it was probably my uncles and he had just dropped it and didnt realize it) im talking small  l                l. thats probably how big it was in length. Note: I've got a small tolerance to almost everything except Adderall before this because i havent smoked or done anything in about 2 months. & everybody knows what its like to stop smoking completely for 2 months then smoke) . so i say to myself in my head im gonna pick it up and smoke it out of my bowl later. of course im not gonna pick it up while they're there. so about 30 minutes passes and my mom and grandma says there gonna go and visit my great grandma at the nursing home,. so my uncle goes out to the backyard, this is when i pick it up and it has a blueberry scent to it. no weed smell at all. & believe me i know what weed smells like and im 110% sure it was not Marijuana and had no tetrahydrocannabinol in it. lol. and im thinking it was my uncles because last month he got charged with posession and is on probation so he can't smoke weed and has to smoke this legal stuff. so anyways i pick it up immediately, go get my bowl and lighter and head outside. Note: i have a pretty far way until i reach the woods at my house, probably a good football field and a half. and i start smoking it right past the tree line, i only get about 6 or 7 good hits and 2 or 3 small hits from this roach & i start feeling the affects as soon as i reach the tree line going into my yard. and at first it feels like a normal marijuana trip but about 45 seconds later it all hits me at once. i cannot walk in a straight line and end up stumbling all the way to my backdoor, im hearing an echo or a helicopter sound in my ear and it keeps getting louder and louder. i didnt think to look up because i know its all in my head. i feel like i hear my grandpa yelling outside but im sure he wasnt but not positive. and i end up going inside and flopping right on the couch, close my eyes and all i remember from here on out is looking at my phone and it was about 6:45 PM. all i remember from then is seeing these visuals from movies and stuff i made up and it feels like im laughing in my head but somethings telling me it wasnt in my head. and then when i actually can remember things was at about & 7:20 or 7:25. and that was opening my eyes and all of these questions were running through my head. i didnt even remember i smoked anything until about 6 or 7 hours later. i was thinking i had fell asleep for days, i didnt know where i was, why i had cottonmouth. and earlier that day at about 5 AM i took 2 adderal XR 25 mg's because me and my friend were pulling an all nighter. but overall this was the most scariest thing thats happened in my life. from all the visuals and how much i was laughing it turned out to be horrible. i dont advise any blueberry smelling legal weed to anybody else. but maybe I tripped so hard because i was running on about 48 hours awake with no sleep or maybe it was the adderall or maybe it was a mix of both. im not sure, but any info from you guys would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. by the way i only weigh about 130 pounds.

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