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amazing psilocybin tea

turn on tune in drop out

My best friend (we'll call him K) and I were really bored around 2:30am on July 4th and  we had a ton of mycelium but we had heard it contains very little psilocybin. Ignoring that, we put all the mycelium into a pot, added some random acidic drinks like soda hoping that might extract the goodies out of the mycelium and we boiled it for 15-20 minutes. We had a huge six flags cup and split the drink. It didnt taste bad, but i definetly wouldnt drink it if it didnt make you trip. We were finished with the drink and turned on some spongebob waiting for the psilocybin molecules to attach themselves to our brains
About 10 minutes later I was laughing SOO hard at spongebob I couldnt get a hold of myself. Everything became so incredibly funny. K went to go close the curtains and they made me crack up even more. Yes, the curtains being closed was incredibly hilarious. He wasnt feeling anything at the moment but I felt that familiar sensation creeping up. My pupils were huge and everything got SO incredibly clear and vivid. It was like wearing microscopes instead of glasses. I had to go wiz so I went to the bathroom and stared in the mirror. The hue of my face was changing pink and warm colors as my face started to look like a creepy witch or something. I turned out the lights and it felt as if i was in a vast realm of the subconcious and i remember seeing strange things floating around but i dont really remember what they were. As i walked out of the bathroom the floor started to ripple when I would walk and if you saw me at the moment you would know i was tripping really hard because i was laughing and walking as if i was trying not to step on the floor. We decided to go outside and we talked about so many things. It was about 4am and I remember having these supersonic senses that made the bird songs so astoundingly clear. Walking over to a tree, it became so vivid. I could see the bark so well, it had to be the clearest I've ever seen anything. We were wondering around the neighborhood, everything looking completely surreal and 3D, we laughed and talked about love, god, peace, no war, and the whole hippie subculture ideas. Everything was amazing. Everything was god. Everything was connected. Everything was everything. You'd understand what I mean if you were on shrooms lol. So we decided to roll down a hill and we just felt like complete kids again. my hair was so dirty and so was my tie dyed shirt and my shoe-less feet. we laughed and laughed and completely understood life. i could see every blade of grass in that field, so it felt..and we talked for a little. we were just so incredibly high. not a 'fucked up' high like that lame pill stuff that kids like to take...but a very good, clean and insightful stoned. we got home as we started to come down and he went to go shower as i meditated on the deck as i was seeing swirls of colors and seashells spin around when i closed my eyes. I was in the new state of conciousness, a new state of awareness. The psilocybin wore off, but the high never did. :)

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