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Level 1 Explorations

A great night

I just thought I might add a certain personal perspective on my own (limited) experience with "magic mushrooms" and their psychological benefits. I am taking an anti-depressant and have only recently realized that they nullify the effects of mushrooms unless taken in large quantities. I have decided to not take mushrooms until I am off the medication, which I am going to do soon. Last week I took what I believe was a good large dose of shrooms (this was before I knew about the interactions the two might have) and it had an unexpected and profound effect on me. I am a very sensitive person, in that I can see through certain facades that people have and I notice small things in people; little insecurities, the way someone presents one's self, and especially the way people interact with each other and all the hidden unspoken communication that people make without even realizing it.

Last week when I took these mushrooms, I became HYPER-sensitive of these things, as well as the myriad of people around me. We walked through the city and some type of "wall" that I hadn't realized existed crumbled to the ground. The distinction between myself and objects around me lessened and I was fascinated by almost everything I saw. I should mention, I was NOT high. I was also not "tripping" in the traditional sense. I didn't see colors or any type of visual distortion. My mind was incredibly clear most of the time.

I was with two good friends and one girl I hadn't met before and we went out to some bars. I am not a big fan of alcohol, although I do get drunk occasionally , mostly because of social circumstances that I feel obliged to follow. 

I'm a car person. I love cars and as much as I would like to pretend I don't, I just can't help it. I feel, especially after this night, that they can be works of art in design meets function and performance. It may sound silly, but I was AMAZED by certain cars, not because I was high, but I noticed how motifs and designs and angles made an effect on the viewer. I was especially enthralled by BMW's and their BRUTAL structure. I noticed that hard, sharp angles and aggressive curves that made an intimidating impression on me. The thing I'm trying to explain is that I really knew exactly the effect these things had on me that were mostly subconscious before. Then I started noticing the difference Mercedes styled their cars and the slightly more reserved sense of hidden power that they had. (mostly these were new cars that I was seeing, but there were a few older models of BMS's that I felt had the same ideas as the newer ones). I was lucky enough to pass a Porsche that gave a sense, especially compared to the BMWs, of light, nimble power. Yes, these are all high end sports cars, but I'm really not making this up. This isn't bullshit, there was a profound effect on me and if you're not into cars it probably wouldn't make sense.

Later in the night I felt terrible because I had stayed up really late and ate a SHIT TON of french fries that made me feel sick. On the train I observed the nausea and had a sensation of the curse of having to occupy a physical form. I firmly believe in reincarnation and that our souls, spirits or whatever you want to call it exist after the body dies. On the train I wished that the physical world could slip away and leave whatever it is that exists underneath it. The artificial distance between each of us, the power of nature and the earth, I felt that all of that would exist without the physical embodiment.

It was a great night. 

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