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fun Level 3 mushroom trip

Shrooms are the SHIT

So my friend, I will call him Al, and I just found someone that sold shrooms. My friend had already tried them before, but he didnt take much. We went and picked up 3 bags (not sure how much was in the bags, but they were the truffles) for $40 per bag. The guy told us that the whole bag is a 8-10 hour hardcore trip and half of the bag is a 6-8 hour mild trip. So naturally being Al he took the whole thing. We drove out to this lake and just chilled. As they started to kick in Al threw up. After a while another one of our friends happened to show up on his dirtbike, lets call him Jake. We didnt want to tell him we had shrooms becuase he would want some and he would end up taking the whole bag, and we had to save one of the bags for Als cousin. We told him we would meet him back in town. While we were driving the ten minutes into the town, I took about half of the bag and chewed the mushrooms into a paste and just held it in my mouth becuase I heard that will increase the trip.

We chilled at the park then we went up by the school and chilled by the baseball diamond. There werent any bathrooms around except at the park, so I walked a few blocks down to the bathroom. When I was walking I seen this huge shadow of a pteridactile and it scared me so I started running and I looked up to see it, but it was just a crow. I went to the bathroom and as I was walking back I seen this kid like 13 or so that lived there in town. I talked to him for a couple minutes, since it would seem suspicous if I didnt talk to him, because he was talking to me. After talking to the kid I started walking back to where Al and Jake were. I noticed that the colors were super bright and they seemed to glow. My shadow was directly in front of me, and for some reason it was fascinating to me. I stopped and just stared at it for a few minutes and it began to wave back and forth, then it began to ripple, like throwing a rock in water. Then I looked up at the sun and for some reason, it felt like the sun was mad and it was chasing me so I took off running. When I got back to the baseball diamond Jake told me he knew we had mushrooms. He said that while I was gone he tackled Al and they fell out of his pocket. Feeling bad for not telling him I told him I would give him the other half of mine if he gave me $15. He said OK and ate them.

We walked over to the school playground and in front of the school there are two big park benches so we just sat there on the benches. The shrooms were really starting to kick in. I looked at the sun an it was slowly growing and then shrinking and there were feathers sticking out of it. I thought it was hilarious so I broke out laughing. We sat there for hours just talking. I then discovered that there were ants on the ground so I was trying to hit them with rocks. It was starting to get kind of cold so we decided to go walk around.

We went up to main street and the fire department had just finished washing the trucks so there were mountains of soap bubbles in the street. At this point we were all tripping so we were building things like snowmen and shit with the bubbles. The people were still in the fire hall and they were staring so we went to some pop machines and got pop. We kept walking and we found a huge pile of dirt. We had fun for about 10 minutes throwing dirt clumps around.  By this time my sense of time was so distorted that i could not tell the difference between 1 minute and 10 minutes.

We decided that it was too cold and so we went to a shop that Al owned on the other side of town. Inside there was a trailer full of grain so we climbed in and buried Al up to his neck in grain. It started to itch so we climbed back out and just sat on some chairs and talked for about two hours. Al took his other bag and ate half of that one, even though he was supposed to save it for his cousin. Al was just sitting there and he was wearing a stalking cap and I watched his hat turn into a mushroom. We got bored and we decided to go drive around in my car.

By that time it was dark. As we walked to my car I noticed that the street lights looked wierd, like if you squint your eyes and look at a light. The colors were still glowing. We got to my car and we wanted to go to the hill in the town where we got service. On the hill there was some moss near the road, and it was glowing very bright purple and Als face was turning green and blue. We then went to Als house and watched The Office for a few hours and went to bed. Definatly trying shrooms again.

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