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3 grams, 1 universe

shrooms = brain food

It was a Friday afternoon and I didn’t really have anything planned for that night so I decided to pick up shrooms. My friend David wanted to do them too so we decided to split six grams. We picked them up around 7 and rode out to our friend Nick’s b/c he was having a few people over.

David played beer pong while Nick chopped up our fungi and threw em in two PB&J sandwiches. I rolled up a couple blunts and around 8 we ate our sandwiches, had a glass of orange juice, smoked with the rest of the party, then sat back and waited for the festivities to begin.

This was the second time I’d tripped and the first time I hadn’t smoked any weed with it. Idk if it delayed the process or if the party was distracting me but it seemed to take longer for me to feel anything, even though I ate more this time. Anyway around 9 I started feeling absolutely amazing. Euphoria and a moderate intimacy with others. Lights got brighter and the icons on my phone screen started doing their own thing. David wasn’t looking good though, I don’t think mixing alcohol and shrooms is a good idea at all.

At about the same time my friend Joe called me asking where I could find bud so I told him about how our mutual friend Troy was just chilling at his place with a few friends and that the bud would probably be there, so he came by. We smoked another blunt at Nick’s house then bounced in my car. I asked David what he wanted to do but it was clear he wasn’t in the adventurous mood; it wasn’t the first time he’d tripped so I let him be and figured he’d be fine with the people he was with, whom he knew better than I. And til then I’d still hardly felt anything remotely like a trip. Yet.

I’d heard about enlightenment and I knew what the word meant but the only way to truly UNDERSTAND is by experiencing it. “Tripping balls” is such a ludicrous term b/c shrooms are about so much more than that. I began to think and see the world differently. I was truly looking at life through a special psychedelic window. Music took on a different meaning, it was more than just sounds; these sounds were saying something, in a totally non-verbal way. I was about an hour and a half into my ‘trip’, and I was totally at peace with who I was and the universe I was in. I could already think and process information with more clarity and ease than ever before. And then the trippy shit started happening.

We hopped in my car and bounced like I said. Joe drove, which was funny in itself b/c he admitted he was drunk and high, but said I shouldn’t drive b/c I was probably “tripping balls” right now. It was about a 15 minute drive from Nick’s house to Troy’s apartment with at least a dozen stoplights in between. We didn’t hit a single red light the whole drive. I realized this but totally accepted it as the will of the cosmic universe at the time and didn’t mention it at all. Then Joe realized it and blurted out “how the fuck did that just happen” which of course sent me into a tizzy.  At the last light we hit a red. I don’t know if this is even worth mentioning but the fact that our luck ran out when we realized we were lucky just kind of stuck with me. For the first time in my life I started to believe in fate.

I hit my peak at Troy’s. We got there at around 9 45 10ish and that’s where I had all my OEVs. My friends’ moving faces and limbs caused ripple effects in the air that I could see, like purple streaks. Sounds sort of shifted and moved around so that I didn’t know where they were coming from; at one point, my friend Jake laughed from the other side of the kitchen but it sounded to me like he was right in my ear. The colors on the TV would bleed out onto the wall behind it and then spread to the rest of the room. Eventually everything took on a red glow. Eyes would appear on random surfaces and objects but only for a fleeting second, then they’d be gone. Texting other people became so unimportant to me that I had to fight off the urge to turn off my phone entirely. All the while I was having a great time and never really lost control of myself. At about 11 I got a text from a pretty good friend asking for bud and, almost on cue, Troy and his roommate got hungry and decided to go grab something to eat. I wasn’t hungry and told them I was going to see my friend but if I could I would come back; Joe decided he needed to look after me and decided to come with. I had no intention of coming back though b/c even though they were friends I considered pretty close, when you’re ‘high’ on shrooms you’re sort of in your own world and everyone else is on the outside. Like at one point while I was still at Troy’s, Jake asked me how I was doing. Right before he said that I could’ve sworn his head did a 360 like an owl’s. All I could say was just fine, b/c there’s really no point trying to relate to someone when you just saw some shit like that.

Joe took me to my friend Lisa’s and by then I had no idea what time it was, nor did I care. She said she’d buy a blunts worth off of me but first she needed to go pick up her friend from his house and then stop by Walmart. I was basically down for anything and I’d totally forgotten that weed was the reason we went there. The whole ride was great, especially riding with the windows down. Again, a feeling of absolute freedom and oneness with the universe. Walmart was a bit of a trip though, just b/c of the people but at the end of the day they’re just people, and I wasn’t really scared of them at all. I was actually more fazed by the idea of Walmart itself; I looked around and saw all the different things they had and I realized if you lived in Walmart, you didn’t need anything else. You’d never have to leave. It seemed like a scary thought at the time.

When we got back to Lisa’s house we just sorta hung around on her front porch, shootin’ the bull. A couple more friends filtered through. I could tell Joe was itching to get back to Troy’s b/c he didn’t really know Lisa or anyone there, but I didn’t ask him to come and I still hadn’t completed the sale so I didn’t care really. It was a great night to be alive and that’s literally ALL I cared about. Then at what I can only guess was around 1 AM, Lisa told me she didn’t have the money for the blunt then but she’d have 5 dollars tomorrow if I smoked her out. I almost laughed in her face. The weed and the money held such little value in my eyes that I wondered why people made such a big fuss about either of them. It struck me then how people are just animals of desires. But unlike the creatures we see in the wild, people let their conscious get in the way. I knew Lisa wanted me to smoke her out. I knew Joe wanted to leave. But they just didn’t want to SAY it. So I threw Lisa the blunt for free and left.

Joe drove me back to Nick’s where his car was at, and then I drove home. I smoked a blunt in my backyard and I felt absolutely immortal. I kid you not. Everything was at a standstill, not a leaf was moving, and it seemed like I was going to be in my backyard, smoking that blunt at 2 am, for the rest of eternity. Eventually the bud ran out though, and I went straight to bed after that. I had the most intense CEV’s; pattern after pattern ran through my mind like a constantly changing kaleidoscope. Shapes turned into eyes and then back into shapes. I had a very therapeutic, inner dialogue with myself; I don’t think it was God b/c I wasn’t tripping that hard. It was more like an inner me, a big brother to myself that I always had but never met. I asked myself a lot of tough personal questions that I don’t want to get into b/c they wouldn’t be serving the purpose of this article and, well, they’re personal. After what was literally 2 straight hours of thinking, I came away with the impression that: a) Everything I’d learned in my lifetime was actually just me fully remembering what I already knew, and b) NOTHING REALLY MATTERS. Nothing. Because 100 years from now, it probably won’t exist, and what’s a 100 years in the universal timeline away? When I thought of life in that sense, from a universal perspective, a lot of the issues and problems I was dealing with in my own life no longer seemed very important at all.

Anyway, that was my shroom trip. It wasn’t too crazy or anything I expected at all, but that seems to be the general idea with shrooms doesn’t it? Hope this helped

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