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a trip today

Today ide say i ate about 1/8 of some psilocybe cubes me and me friend grew between us.

Today ide say i ate about 1/8 of some psilocybe cubes me and me friend grew between us...i went to my house because we wanted to trip...i opened the lid of my drying out chamber and ide say i grabbed a couple caps and a couple stems.
My friend went to his house and did the same and we said we'd meet back up at the park.
Well i went up stairs and i put them in a blender and added some orange juice and blended it all up....poured it into a cup and left the house.
I drank the whole cup on the way there and when i arrived he was sitting on the grass starting to trip just gasing at the sky...he told me he was seeing some crazy shit about demonds batteling in pirate ships or something...i said "oh yea" trying to pretend i knew what he was talking about.
We started waling around the park (this park is very, very big with off path trails and big hills and ide say it was a couple blocks long both ways) and we just started to walk around. I was tripping out sooo hard on this field of crazy weeds...they looked just flat...everything behind it looked flat...it looked like one of those red preschool toys that are like binoculars and you put slides in them..eveything looked so flat and cartoon like..i was laughing sooo hard.
I remember looking at the dirt and it so looked like lava...it was boiling and bubbles were popping out of it..it was so crazy.
we went to the top of one of the hills and sat and watched the sun set (something i recomend if you havent done it yet)
and the whole vally looked like it was an ocean and i could see the waves coming in...i saw the whole vally moving...it was the greatest.
Well we hung out there for a while and got bored so we went to my house...We got some shit to drink and some glow in the dark shit and we sat there in the dark and watched the yellow submarine....then alice in wonderland...then we put it on cartoon network and sat there and watched it till my friend fell a sleep on my couch....i went to my room and put on some beatles and turned off the light and just looked at the stars on my cealing...eventually i fell asleep.
It was just another basic trip for me..but i decided ide put out it here for some people to reed.

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