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a cloudy trip, i also need some advice,help,and answers

ok so where i live at this moment and time it's not the easiest to find shrooms(it took me about a year to find).

ok so where i live at this moment and time it's not the easiest to find shrooms(it took me about a year to find). Well, i finally found someone who bought a ounce and were willing to sell some. these were about 40 bucks a 8th and the guy said they were golden caps. before taking them i had read a shit load and tried to prepare my mind and body(i read mostly about the prep on here, thank u every one)

ok so i took the shrooms at about 11:00 o'clock right after i took them i proceeded to roll a rather fat joint. me and my freind went out side and smoke. i was pretty high but the kinda felt the shrooms coming on.

ok so when i said i prepaired, i ment i prepaired for a spiritual trip and was planning for just a 2 person trip. i was wrong. my freind wanted a back to school party so there turned out to be quiet a few people there. ok sry back to the trip

so i was sitting outside and i noticed the leaves on the trees started breathing(yay. but something was feeling kinda weird, my stomach started twitching and i started feeling kinda sick so i decided to go out back to the tree line and try to puke.

while i was there my mind kept racing. i couldn't acually puke because i hadn't ate anything thing for a while but i kept trying to practice the mind over matter thing to try to get the nausea to disappear, it wasn't workin to well so after like a hour of sitting ang thinking about shit i decided to go back inside.

i went straight upstaires but wadn't tripping that much. i no i wasn't having a bad trip but it wasn't good. all the people had made my trip cloudy
my body felt week and uncofterbal i couldn't find a comfy spot. well things lead to things but it wasn't intense, acually very boring and then i layed down and tried to pass out but my stomach still kept hurting. the whole trip my stomach hurt the whole time.

ok so heres my question . ok so last year i took wat i thought was adderal(so i could speed) well this had some rather bad effects and i vomited all night that night and felt like i was going to vomit for another 3 days. well this has affected me in a huge way. if i drink i always puke, sometimes when i smoke weed i sometimes feel like shit, if i eat someting wrong i feel like shit, if i take almmost any pill(that i pop) i feel like shit. i sometimes have extremely bad stomach pains, but i have never puked blood. so my questions are, 1 - has anyone had any sort of affects like this from adderal. 2- would i be safe to take acid(like would it affect my stomach at all).
3- i really would like to take shrooms by myself , it's only the second time though, im not scared at all to be by myself while taking them because on the trip i just described the only time that i really enjoyed the trip was when i was by myself

plz i beg everyone who reads this to give some sort of feedback on the questions i had just asked this is also my first time posting a report and i just want to say i love this site and i think this community is great

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