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1st Grow, First Trip, Incredible


Ello Shroomery,
Well after a month and a half of effort on my first ever grow last night I picked and ate my first two shrooms. 
I had to wait until about 830 to start and took one to start and see how it would effect me. After an hour or so of nothing I ate the biggest one of the flush and went and laid down on the couch. I was watching southpark and started feeling a little stoned like. I walked outside and sat on the porch with M, who was not tripping but will be with me this weekend. We started talking and I started noticing there was a faint blue color haloing all the lights. I went back inside and sat on the couch watching southpark. I didn't notice that I started gigiling at everything on the show. I got up again and went to look in the mirror, best decision of the night. When I looked in the mirror, even though I didn't look any "different" I just thought I looked off and started laughing at this. Then I looked at my eyes, which were now huge. My eye was mostly pupil, and the coloring around it was bright and almost glowing. Then I noticed that my head was much too big, and went back outside to M and asked her what my eyes looked like. She said no different, which sent me laughing even harder since I knew I was hallucinating now. I turned on some Beatles (great idea) and watched some trip vids on youtube. Everytime I would watch one and look up all of the surfaces around me would mimic the vids. It's was amazing. I had a great sense of euphoria the rest of the night. At about 1 AM I was coming down. I now had no visuals but remained euphoric until I fell asleep. 
All in all it was a perfect first trip, but I plan on pushing the envolope this weekend with a significantly higher dose, which I will post the trip report :). 
Thanks for reading

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