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DXM wonderland

A truley psychedelic adventure

One weekend a few years back my city was absolutely bone dry of psychedelics which bummed me out.However i did some research on dxm tripping and salvia trips so i used 100$ to buy all the dxm and salvia i would need .I had never tried salvia before bt friends of mine spoke highly of it.So as soon as got back to my apartment i guzzled 89ml of delsyum then another 30ml, each 15ml had 30mgs of dxm hbr. Then i packed about .3 of 50x salvia i took one big hit and i zoomed through every mental problems and blockades in my mind i had ever had untill reached a bright white lght i was floating and did not have a body i was just IN MY INNER psyche.then a movie reel flashed through my head at probably 100miles per hour.I recognized it though, it was my life from fetus to my age now.After my life flashed before my eyes i was shown a divine mosaic of different possible futures and it instilled in me a sense of confidence that the future is not predetermined. After this amazing trip, it ended and i was kind of sad  i felt so at peace before and thats all i want in life.


Anyway in reality my best friend was watching me flip out and he thought it was hilarious it probably was but it changed my prespective in life=/.After this amazing salvia trip i was recouperating a bit watching south park and the waves and ripples in the walls in about 15 minutes the salvia trip was gone but i felt the dxm kicking in which made me happy Again.Just to kick it up a notch i took 4 375mg Soma and 2 xanax bars along with about 90oz of beer, i was having a good time.About an hour and a half later i started tripping while i was watching t.v. i saw shadows of 7 dwars with pickaxes marching around the screen. I told my friend i was tripping so we decided to go out into this abandoned lot next to our apartments.When i walked outside it was amazingly beautiful i looked like a cotton candy wonderland was in the sky.The sky was fluffy and pink and seemed to have purple crystals in it. There was quite alot of trees on the street across from us and every leaf was a different color it looked like a rainbow blowing in the wind.After about 11:00pm we decided to go back in because we ran out of cigs.


When we got back i was ass ugly wasted from everything so my roomate just dumped me in my room and turned the t.v. on this time i became the t.v. charecter it was so astounding i couldnt belive it. I belive a nature show was on so i felt like i was one with the earth and i could remote view any part of it.That was most definately the greatest dxm trip on any trip really.Im disabled but in that instance i felt more alive than i ever have. 

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