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My first shroom trip, Meaning of life.

complete INSANITY.

                Well to start with This is my first MUSHROOM trip. I have taken LSD about 4 or 5 times before and i enjoyed all of them. Anyways, I went to the most known dealer in my area and i bought $25 worth of  Psilocybe Cubensis' which weighed out to 4 grams. My buddy ( We'll call him "D") also bought $50 worth of the same species to share with him and  his friend (We'll call him "J"), Which weighed out to about 8 grams.  We were told if we lemon tekk these the lemon juice would turn blue and we would have a way more intense trip, but shorter. So we decided to lemon tekk them. We bought some lemon juice, and went home. We all took our 4 grams, ground it up, and put it in the lemon juice... Waited about 30 minutes and lemon juice wasn't blue. Which I wasn't to mad about but we all chugged the lemon juice, and started to play call of duty:Black ops for awhile till the shrooms kicked in. About 30-45 minutes later  D said he was feeling a body high. J said the same thing. But I wasn't feeling anything. So I decided to go outside. Within 5 minutes, I looked at the golf course and the red rocks (there's a golf course behind my house, and HUGE red rocks)  And i just laughed... The red rocks were warped and looked like they were going to fall.  So I ran to my porch hoping they wouldn't land on me. When i looked back, they were perfectly fine, but still warped. I went back inside and saw that D and J were still playing call of duty. I said "You guys alright?" and They both said "Yeah." I looked at the TV screen and thought i was in prospective of the player in the game. I sat there for about 5 minutes thinking i'm in the game. I finally realized that i wasn't. So i went to my computer and looked at the time. It was about 8:30 PM and  that is when the moderate affects kicked in. I went and sat on the couch and looked at D and J and they looked like giraffes, Just sitting there. I closed my eyes and shook my head, When i opened them, they were still just themselves playing call of duty. J said "Dude, this is boring lets go do something." I said "You guys wanna smoke some primetimes?" and ofcourse they said "sure". We went outside on my porch, sat on the furniture that's out there, and I gave them both a watermelon primetime. I lit mine up and the fire from the lighter lit up in rainbow colors. I took the first drag off my primetime and that's when it hit me like a fucking train. I started breathing unusually hard and just stared off into the ground, smoking my primetime, I looked up and saw a mountain lion. But I thought i was just trippin' so i didn't say anything. But all of the sudden I hear D shout  " A FUCKING MOUNTAIN LION!!" I throw my primetime, and we all book it inside. I said " I saw that motherfucker but thought i was just tripping." J said "Maybe we are all having the same trip."
And I said "There is NO way we could all be having the same trip." I looked at the wall and it looked like it was breathing the pace I was breathing, I stopped breathing for a second, and so did the wall. Took a deep breath, And the wall did the same... at the same pace i did... I closed my eyes and I was in a tunnel... A tunnel with a light at the end... I ran to the light and when i reached the light, it automatically made my eyes open, and i just fell to the ground like i had just passed out. All i remember from reality was D and J saying " DUDE ARE YOU OKAY?!" While i was passed out I remember seeing myself in a forest trying to find my way out. While i was in the forest all of the sudden there was a ring of fire around me. I look up and see a creature with 2 heads, with giraffe legs.. I look closely and see that it is D and J. They both said at the same time "To find the meaning of life... You will come with us." I stood up and followed them and on my way i saw a whole bunch of trolls... One hopped on my back and i told it to get off, as it did it said "I'm not trying to harm anyone." And i said "I'm sorry, i just do not like it when random trolls hop on my back." And laughed my ass off.  I looked over and saw the creature that was " D and J with giraffe legs" standing by a portal, at the top of the portal it said "THE MEANING OF LIFE" I stepped into the portal And it just went black...  With colorful words saying "LIFE CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE". ( This was all when i was passed out). I woke up, rubbed my eyes, and saw D and J passed out on the couch... obviously sleeping. But I wasn't tripping anymore.

                  This was a great experience and i plan to do it again. Thank you for listening to my Level 5 trip story. AND DON'T DO DRUGS IF THEY'RE NOT FOR YOU!:]

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